Toyota announces details of actions on quality-related issues

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced details of a number of quality-related matters at a press conference in Tokyo today.


Chief quality officers to be appointed worldwide

– New Special Committee for Global Quality

– Stronger framework for receiving and monitoring customer feedback

– Rigorous and independent testing of electronic throttle fail-safe system

– Brake-override system to be introduced on all future models

– Toyota to make active use of on-board data recorders to gather information

Measures for improving product quality

Toyota is to appoint a new chief quality officer for each principal geographical region to help make the company more alert to customer concerns. These officers will sit on a newly established Special Committee for Global Quality. This committee, headed by TMC President Akio Toyoda, will move the company’s quality improvement activities to a new, higher level. It will meet for the first time on 30 March and Toyota will consult independent, third-party experts to review the contents of that meeting.

In a separate move, Toyota is strengthening its framework for reporting customer feedback from each region directly to its Quality Group and Product Development Group, so that that information received can be translated more quickly into product quality improvements.

This initiative will be launched first in the USA where Toyota will expand its network of technical offices and fine-tune its information gathering capabilities. The aim is to be able to conduct on-site inspections within 24 hours of every reported incident of an equipment malfunction.

Electronic throttle control technology safety

Toyota’s electronic throttle control system incorporates overlapping failsafe features that are linked to a number of sensors. If a problem occurs, the system shifts the engine to idling, or shuts it down completely. Toyota has conducted rigorous testing under extremes of electromagnetic interference, vibration and other adverse conditions, and that testing has conclusively verified that the system cannot accidentally induce acceleration.

Toyota has also commissioned an independent, third-party research organisation to test its electronic throttle control system and it will release the findings of that testing as they become available.

Brake override system

Toyota will add a brake override system to all future models worldwide. This will cut engine power when the accelerator and brake pedals are applied at the same time.

On-board data recording

Toyota will make more active use of on-board data recorders. In the event of a malfunction, these can provide information to support technical investigations and repairs.

Toyota commitment to quality and “customer first”

Toyota, taking to heart the customer feedback it has received, reaffirms, together with its dealers, suppliers and employees worldwide, its commitment to unwavering quality in products and services, and to the spirit of “customer first”. Toyota will continue to endeavour to provide products that are safe and reassuring.


  1. The reference I have with Toyota Finance is 000001601573 (agreement No), I have spoken to Toyota customer service who were unhelpful and referred me to warrantee, and service centres. I took advice from Citizen Advice Borough and then contacted Toyota Finance. They refuse to check the car mechanical but did send a firm to test drive the car which revealed in 2 minuets what I already know through my paid diagnostic from Toyota that its a clutch issue. Toyota Finance refused to authorise a mechanical check claiming its too expensive and that I must demonstrate to them that its a inherent failure. What else can it be I ask, either a substandard clutch or poor assembly either way its Toyotas work not mine. I have written to the ombudsman but I will in due course plan to notify the Toyotas director of customer relations of this poor handling. I have been given the run around. I am in the process of authorising a garage to carry out the work and gather a report and photographs and replaced parts as evidence.

  2. Hi Theo,
    Thanks for your post. Have you contacted customer relations regarding issues you’re having? Many thanks.

  3. Hi Munir,
    Your complaint is now being considered by an Ombudsman. If you want to contact the head of CR you will need to do so through the same channels in which you contacted them previously. Many thanks!

  4. Ella I would appreciate your support on this matter. I did contact customer relations on your suggestion and the reference number is 594749. I spoke to Ted and he said he understood my concern and that he will escalate matter up and suggest that Toyota authorise one of their franchise garages to open up the clutch or transmission housing at their cost to establish the cause which I would have thought would be beneficial to Toyota as much as me. Ted said he will see if it can be covered by warrantee. I expect a response in next 3 to 5 working days. The vehicle has 23000 mile and this matter was first reported almost 6 months now.

  5. Hi Munir.
    We’re glad you’ve contacted customer relations. We would now advise waiting to hear back from them and continuing your conversation with them. This is now a customer relations case and we hope it gets resolved for you! Many thanks.

  6. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for contacting us. We understand that you are in touch with Customer Relations and hope that you get the result as soon as possible.


  7. Bought a 2016 Verso with 4800 miles from a Toyota garage in August 2019. Clutch linings on one side of the friction plate fell apart (literally) on a motorway at 9800 miles in March 2020. I drive gently and nurse the clutch. I’ve never had one fail before in 50 years of driving. Despite the “no messing about warranty” the salesman promised, Toyota GB have forced me to pay for a new clutch. Really unhappy. Is the warranty worthless? Going to complain to the BBC’s consumer affairs programme.

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your experience with us. We understand our TGB Customer Relations team have responded to your complaint and in conjunction with the Toyota Centre offered a goodwill gesture as no manufacturing defect was found.


      1. Thank you for your answer. The Toyota garage that repaired the car, JCB Gillingham, Kent, said there was no sign of wear and tear and that the clutch linings had disintegrated. Toyota GB have howver dismissed their own agent’s expert view. The Toyota garage I bought the car from last August, Jemca of Sidcup, promised me the car has a “no messing about” warranty. The guarantee seems worthless. I’ll be writing again to TGB. If they continue not to honour the warranty, I will soon be writing to a BBC’s consumer programme.

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