Toyota announces details of actions on quality-related issues

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced details of a number of quality-related matters at a press conference in Tokyo today.


Chief quality officers to be appointed worldwide

– New Special Committee for Global Quality

– Stronger framework for receiving and monitoring customer feedback

– Rigorous and independent testing of electronic throttle fail-safe system

– Brake-override system to be introduced on all future models

– Toyota to make active use of on-board data recorders to gather information

Measures for improving product quality

Toyota is to appoint a new chief quality officer for each principal geographical region to help make the company more alert to customer concerns. These officers will sit on a newly established Special Committee for Global Quality. This committee, headed by TMC President Akio Toyoda, will move the company’s quality improvement activities to a new, higher level. It will meet for the first time on 30 March and Toyota will consult independent, third-party experts to review the contents of that meeting.

In a separate move, Toyota is strengthening its framework for reporting customer feedback from each region directly to its Quality Group and Product Development Group, so that that information received can be translated more quickly into product quality improvements.

This initiative will be launched first in the USA where Toyota will expand its network of technical offices and fine-tune its information gathering capabilities. The aim is to be able to conduct on-site inspections within 24 hours of every reported incident of an equipment malfunction.

Electronic throttle control technology safety

Toyota’s electronic throttle control system incorporates overlapping failsafe features that are linked to a number of sensors. If a problem occurs, the system shifts the engine to idling, or shuts it down completely. Toyota has conducted rigorous testing under extremes of electromagnetic interference, vibration and other adverse conditions, and that testing has conclusively verified that the system cannot accidentally induce acceleration.

Toyota has also commissioned an independent, third-party research organisation to test its electronic throttle control system and it will release the findings of that testing as they become available.

Brake override system

Toyota will add a brake override system to all future models worldwide. This will cut engine power when the accelerator and brake pedals are applied at the same time.

On-board data recording

Toyota will make more active use of on-board data recorders. In the event of a malfunction, these can provide information to support technical investigations and repairs.

Toyota commitment to quality and “customer first”

Toyota, taking to heart the customer feedback it has received, reaffirms, together with its dealers, suppliers and employees worldwide, its commitment to unwavering quality in products and services, and to the spirit of “customer first”. Toyota will continue to endeavour to provide products that are safe and reassuring.


  1. i recently bought a toyota auris in northern ireland and imported it to southern ireland .have been told by my mecanic that my front brake discs need replacing .only 31 thousand miles on the clock.the car was bought in cookstown co tyrone in a toyota garage.all toyotas come with a three year this covered by warranty because i have bben told that there are a lot of problems with brakes on these cars.

    1. Hi James,

      There are not any known issues in terms of the quality and durability of the brake discs on Auris.

      However if you are concerned with your brake discs, then please do not hesitate to take it into your local Toyota Centre for a full assessment. They will also be able to make an assessment on whether or not the repair would be covered by the Pan-European warranty on the vehicle.


  2. I bought a Freetronic Yaris in 2000. It was a good car until the freetronic gave me problems early on. The car would be driving ok and then it would judder. I took it into the Toyota dealers who were not sure why this occurred but overrode the system somehow. For some years after this the gears would stick and the car would judder. I then took the car to a Toyota dealer in Belfast last year 2010 who thought the problem was that a new clutch system was needed. This cost over £500. However, not long after this the old problem of being unable to get the car into gear occurred on regular intervals. When the tow truck took it to the Toyota garage they could not find a problem with it because the failure rectified itself. However, just recently I was stuck in traffic again at lights because the car would not go into gear. Then just after that it occurred again and would not rectify. I then had to have the vehicle towed again and was told after a few weeks of the car being at the Toyota dealer that the problem was the clutch actuator which will cost over £2000 to repair having cost £200 to locate the problem, bearing in mind that this is an 11 year old car. Has anyone else had similar problems?

  3. Ive bought a 2006 MMT model. Gear stuck in E when cold so wont start up. Gears judder badly when cold. Toyota suspect either clutch kit, clutch actuator or ECU. Which one I do not know. They seem to know about this problem as the MMT system is very unreliable according to the service rep!

    They want £2500 from me for a car that is fully serviced and well kept.

    Help. This cant be right particulary I find that the toyota garage still seem to be guessing the problem resolution despite their admit to it being a know issue??? Something seems to be a secret!

    Come on Toyota Blog team give me some support and other out there.

    I hear the new yaris they have ditched the MMT and gone back to auto.

    1. Hi Samad,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your car.
      We recommend you’re in touch with the Customer Relations team who’ll be able to investigate this for you. Please find their contact details here:
      We do hope this helps and wishing you warm regards for the festive season.

  4. I have a 2013 Aygo Fire MMT with 22500 mile on the clock routinely serviced. I have always driven the car on E mode and put on N when at a traffic light. The clutch is failing. Car is not engaging at the start and struggles on an incline and needs increased rev. Is this a quality issue or perfectly normal for a clutch to fail at such low mileage

    1. Hi. I note your thread because my clutch is going on 37000.
      I fear a battle ahead, any tips or advice Munir would be much appreciated

      1. Hello, Ellie.
        Thanks for getting in touch.
        If you are dissatisfied with your vehicle, we would recommend that you get in touch with our Customer Relations team who would be happy to help look into this. They can be reached by this form here: Alternatively, you can also contact us via the phone on 0344 701 6202 from Monday to Friday at 8:30am – 6pm or on Saturday from 9am – 1pm. Thanks.

  5. Hi Munir,
    Thanks for your post. We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your Aygo. With this type of issue we would suggest contacting your local Toyota dealer to assist you further. They will be able to provide the relevant advice to correct this fault. Many thanks.

  6. Hi I have the same issue on my Toyota corolla 2012 1,3 engine. It need a rev on the incline. I took it for check up they say it a clutch.

  7. hi there

    I bought an Auris 2008 1.6 mmt only59k. I regret buying it as it went into dreaded N fault recently on a very busy road. I had to ask some people to push it to a side in traffic. fortunately no one was hurt – I was very worried as had my kids in car.

    this is oe of the worst thinhs that could happen when you are out on a day for shopping. I am surprised that Toyota is not taking strict action as it’s reputation is in tatters. I hope you can help sort it out for me.

    1. I have just posted this on a Toyota forum elsewhere and would be grateful if you could you take action:

      I have just joined this forum to gather information that I am presenting to the DVSA regarding the MMT Gearbox fault.

      I am the owner of a Toyota Verso Corolla 54 reg. Back in May this year I was driving my car home when I was turning into a new road my car had popped into and remained stuck in neutral, with the car being positioned halfway into the road. I tried and tried again to get the car going, including restarting the engine several times until after a few minutes the car managed to get in gear. Within a minute or two at the next junction the same thing happened again and AGAIN whilst I was moving along the road. Luckily for me it was just before the school run so the roads were not so busy.

      Anyway, this issue has been documented in other posts on the forum so I am definitely not the only person to experience this. I also believe it affects several vehicles, not just the Corolla Verso.

      The next day I took the car to a Toyota garage to see if they could diagnose and resolve the issue. They charged me £95 for diagnostics and came back with the following fault:

      “CO full diag and found P0810 recorded in system. Followed diag process and concluded reqs mechanical repair. New clutch, actuator and ECU. 7.2hours”

      I will try and be brief with what followed on from here so I can get onto the main purpose of my post:

      I looked up this issue on the forum and found that there was a Customer Satisfaction Survrey for this very fault as well as subsequent technical bulletins. It seems like there CSC was a soft recall that I believe should have been a hard recall on the fault. What happened to me was dangerous and there have been cases I have read on the forums/internet of this even happening whilst driving on the motorway.

      I contacted Toyota Customer Relations to ascertain whether the CSC was carried out on the vehicle as well as the technical bulletin. Indeed the CSC was carried out on my vehicle to resolve this very issue yet a mere 30,000 miles later the fault appears, perhaps for the first time on this vehicle.

      Toyota refused to rectify the situation free of charge…no surprises. Basically they said the Customer Service Campaign was done way back in 2009 and they would only provide a warrenty on the work till 2012.

      I then decided to pursue this further by reporting what I consider to be a dangerous fault to DVSA who have so far been most sympathetic. In normal circumstances vehicle age would be an issue but thier concern is that this particular fault has nothing to do with the age of the vehicle, especially as the parts involved were replaced back in 2009. Toyota responded to the DVSAs enquiries by stating that I “may” have had warnings that this issue would occur and that I would have had time to take it the garage to resolve and as such cannot be classed as a sudden dangerous issue. There was no warning lights and I am not sure how you could be warned that your gearbox will pop in and get stuck in neutral all of a sudden.

      Unsatisfied with Toyota’s response, the DVSA have sent in followup questions which has now lead to Toyota making contact with me to get my vehicle in for inspection. This has yet to be arranged. I rang the DVSA and they confirmed that I should agree to this being done.

      Now to the purpose of my post. This MMT issue has been going on for many years now and there are significant number of people affected by it, many of whom will have since had their car either repaired, sold on or scrapped, etc. If anybody has experienced this issue could I encourage you to contact DVSA as it seems like they are finally taking this issue very seriously. The more genuine evidence we have on this the more likely it will be that Toyota will be forced to do what they should have morally done along time ago.

      The fact the vehicle has had the Customer Satisfaction Campaign carried out and still experience the same issue is of concern.

      Please feel free to post your experiences here too and I will pass them onto the gentleman I am in contact with at the DVSA.

      If you are reading this line, I thank you for your time.


      DVSA website to report serious safety defect:

      PS I have attached the relevant Customer Satisfaction Survey and Technical Bulletins here. These documents I have obtained through other postings on this forum

  8. Hi there,
    Thanks for your post. We’re very sorry to hear this has happened, have you reported it to our customer relations team? Many thanks.

    1. Ella – Could you please send me contact details of the customer relations team? As per your suggestion i would like to give it a try first.

  9. I have contacted my Toyota dealer service section and they shrugged me off by saying it was wear and tear and as such not covered by warrantee. I took the matter to Toyota finance and they want me to prove that it is a defective material. I say if clutch fails at such low mileage what else can it be other than use of substandard material or poor assembly. I drove the car extremely carefully with a long driving experience and as it should be driven. This is the first instance a couch has failed I had driven cars with considerable more mileage and no problem. No one told me these MMT clutches are flimsy. The matter is with omberdsman. Never buy such car again and desperate to sell and get a VW

  10. Hi Munir,
    Have you contacted customer relations about your query? If you have please let us know you’re case number and we can see where this stands. If not our best advice would be to contact them, they will be able to talk you through the steps that you should take. Many thanks!

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