Top marks for iQ safety

We know from our recent economy attempt that iQ doesn’t feel like a small car to drive, but there’s no doubt that it is a small car on the outside.

With the designers having made the most of every bit of space, you might think there’s precious little left to protect occupants from the dangers of the road.

Not a bit of it. Euro NCAP has just released results from the first six cars to be tested under its new, overall rating system, and iQ has been awarded full marks.

The new Euro NCAP scheme looks at the full range of a car’s protection, awarding an overall safety score based on adult occupant protection (50% weighting), child occupant (20%), pedestrian (20%) and a new category for driver-assistance aids (10%).

Under the 2009 test, a car needs an overall weighted score of 70% to get the top five-star score

iQ received 79%; the second-highest overall score, with the highest adult occupant protection score (91%) of all six cars.

So, what beat it? The new, British-built Avensis, with a weighted score of 81%.

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