The Stig’s favourite car is the Toyota Aygo

We know that Toyota Aygo owners are amongst the most satisfied drivers around (see here for details). However, we were still pleased to hear Aygo receive more praise from a celebrated driver. The Stig, no less, names the Aygo as his favourite car.

According to the Telegraph The Stig, real name Ben Collins, fell in love with the car when filming a game of ‘car football’ for Top Gear. The Stig said “we trashed it to bits but it kept going even with the radiator hanging off and the headlights falling out of the sockets.

AYGO Football in full swing
AYGO Football in full swing

“We had about five or six touring car drivers on that day and we unanimously agreed we hadn’t had that much fun in a car that we could remember”.

The game did not go well for James May
The game did not go well for James May

Aygo Football was filmed when Aygo was originally launched in 2005. You can watch the match on the Top Gear site.

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  1. AYGO is one of my favourite Toyotas as well. As a Centre Principal of a Toyota Dealership, I drive my choice of car: for 12 months I chose the AYGO. It was the first car in the range to have an i-Pod socket, it is quick around town, handles great and emits less than 110g/km of CO2. Love it!

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