The recalls: your experiences

We are now seeing customers affected by the accelerator pedal recall at Toyota Service Centres around the UK.

To ensure we could begin work on customer cars at the earliest possible opportunity we have fast tracked the production and delivery of the part required to complete the precautionary upgrade, maximised the capacity of our Toyota Service Centres by extending opening hours and trained 1,156 Toyota Technicians across all of our Service Centres in 48 hours.

So, by now, many of you will have had your vehicles upgraded and we’d really like to know what you thought of your experience.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recalls, please call our Customer Relations team on 0800 1388 744.

Accelerator pedal recall page:

Prius recall page:


  1. My car had the accelerator pedal replaced on 19 February but no M & S vouchers to date! Toyota have been reminded several times but I have now been told they should be received by end of next week. Won’t hold my beath.

    1. Have now been advised by Toyota Customer Relations that I should expect the vouchers in 3 weeks time (31 May). That will be only 10 weeks after the work was carried out!

  2. My 2000 plate Celica went into Toyota Cambridge about a year ago for a recall that the previous owner had failed to act on. I was surprised that Toyota would still be sending out letters 6/7 years after the recall was first announced, expecially on a ten year old car. Needless to say my vehicle wasn’t affected.

    They had apparently run the car on test, so had filled the fuel back up for me, a gain of around £10-15.

    They also gave the car a look over, and advised a couple of things that needed sorting. All the work noted was a genuine requirement, so I felt satisfied that someone who really knows what they are looking at had taken the time to investigate. The advisor had also priced up the work, providing a broken down and clear estimate.

    The car also came back the cleanest it has been in a long while, both inside and out.

    My only complaint of Toyota Cambridge is the sales department’s obsession with financing everything, solved only by the agreement that I would walk out if I heard the word finance once more.

    Keep up the great work Toyota. Bring out a viable alternative to my Celica and I’ll be back for more.

  3. Took my car into the dealership RMB in Darlington and the work was carried out in no time at all – the car checked over and even washed – can’t fault the service – well done Toyota.

  4. I thought there was supposed to be a questionnaire being sent out in the post about the recall work.
    I was happy with the work carried out on my car and my next car will be another Toyota.

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