The future development of Today / Tomorrow

We’d like to share some thoughts with you about the Today / Tomorrow blog and its development. It was launched with iQ and developed with Prius, and now it’s time for the next chapter.

Our idea – also touched upon by one or two of you – is to add a forum, plus further functionality to the blog. This will make it much easier to find and join topics of conversation, get your burning questions answered, share stories… in short, it’ll be much more useful. We also want to expand the blog’s content to include sections on all the other Toyota models, as well as areas related to the Toyota brand such as the environment and concept cars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far, and that you’ll find the new ideas and content useful and interesting. From our point of view, we’ve found the blog to be a very valuable source of customer opinion which we’ve acted on where we can: the launch of the LED Technology Pack for the Prius is just one example.

So, we’d like to call upon your opinions now. What would you like us to change about the blog? What are we missing? How do you feel about us adding a forum? Let us know with a comment here!


  1. perhaps splitting it into 2 might be a good idea? It would make it abit easier to read untill the forums are up nd running. So create a new article with all the new comments, say since 1st Nov, excluding replies as they might be replies to older original comments before 1st Nov.

    1. Any update on the progress on the forum? I am unable to reply to the everything you need to know about the prius article, even after trying different web browsers and emptying my cache.

  2. How do I get a copy of the Today/Tomorrow magazine – I’m sure I used to get a regular copy of a Toyota Owner mag but can’t remember when the last issue arrived. I bought a Yaris in 2002 which is regularly serviced by Western Toyota Edinburgh.

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