Taking iQ for a test drive

We’ll be taking our first iQ drive next Monday, ahead of our hypermiling attempt.

We’re already getting a bit twitchy, though, so we’re relieved to discover Toyota Europe’s iQ Virtual Test Drive.

The slick Flash application lets you drive around various test tracks in the car, learning a bit about it as you go.

It’s fun, but probably not as much fun as the real thing – which you can test drive at your nearest Toyota dealer.

(via Mobiz)


  1. I have been waiting for a test drive since early December. I thought that expressing an interest early would result in a test drive as soon as my local dealer had the car on show.

    Sadly not. They’ve had the car a month, but there is nothing but excuses from the dealer. Not a good show, Toyota.

    Whilst I’ve been waiting, a new Smart has been announced – the diesel version is at last coming to the UK; it does 85 mpg and emits only 88g/km of CO2. And at £2000 less than the IQ, I’m left wondering just what is the point of the IQ?

    I’ve sat in one, and it’s great in the front. But in the back, it’s a squeeze. And there is absolutely no boot space unless the rear seats are folded down.

    If it’s a city car, why have four seats? If it’s a small family car, then why no boot space?

    I’m beginning to feel that the IQ is over priced. Very over priced. Cut £1500 from the price tag and it looks very attractive. But at £9200, why bother when the Aygo is a far better deal?

    The delay in having a test drive has been a blessing in disguise.

    Shame. The IQ looks so promising…

  2. We’ve passed this on to the customer relations team at Toyota, who should be in touch soon. They told us:

    “The Toyota Centre network has had delivery of iQs for test drives from the 15th of January. We did not wish to promote the test drive facility earlier than when it became available so as not to mislead or disappoint any customers.

    “We apologise for the difficulty you experienced in trying to book a test drive, and expect this is down to a limited number of test drive vehicles and high demand at the centre of your choice. There is now a facility to book a test online through toyota.co.uk, however email notification is being distributed later this week to all those who registered for updates.”

  3. Interesting comments from customer relations. But I’ve heard nothing from them. And I don’t expect to.

    I’ve tried calling the other two dealers in my area, but neither has bothered to answer the phone. Jemca Bromley, Jemca Croydon, I am seriously unimpressed.

    I have money I WANT to spend on a new car. Do you want to sell me a car, or not?

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