Switch on to DAB Digital Radio

Once you’ve experienced the clarity of DAB digital radio, you won’t want to go back to an analogue signal. There’s also a wide choice of digital-only radio stations you just can’t get on a conventional car radio.

Toyota owners can upgrade to a DAB digital radio for as little as £229 on most models. Adding this simple plug-in module to your car means you’ll enjoy crystal-clear reception. When listening to football or cricket coverage it sounds like the commentator is in the car with you. Voices are distinct and easy on the ear, and there’s none of the crackle or hiss you sometimes get when listening to analogue radio.

Music also sounds better through DAB, with precise, clearly defined and beautifully balanced sound.

By upgrading your Toyota’s car radio to digital, you’re also future-proofing your in-car entertainment against the day when conventional analogue radio will be switched off.

To find out more and book a fitting, contact your nearest Toyota dealer.

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  1. The DAb (windscreen antenna) on my 2017 Auris is next to useless.breaking up all the time, what bright spark decided to put the antenna in the windscreen? i had a 2014 Auris with a roof mounted antenna Never ever had a problem with DAB….can i get a roof mounted antenna fitted on my 2017 Auris?……..i’m not holding my breath on this as i think i know the answer….by the way, the car is a hybrid, which i’ve parted with a wad of cash..so then they put in something which doesn’t work!…Toyota are not the only ones thinking a shark fin looks cool..for AM/FM which very few people listn to

    1. Hi Reg,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry to hear this.
      If you are experiencing issues with the sound in your Auris, we would recommend taking your vehicle to your nearest Toyota Centre in order for them to assess it and diagnose any potential problems.
      You can find your nearest Toyota centre, here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms?tab=pane-dealer.

      1. I have taken the car into my local Toyota dealer ( Steven Eagell,Kings Lynn, and to be honest they wasn’t to interested,stating if they start making moderations this would affect the warrenty..what a load of tosh!..I WANT TO LISTEN TO DAB RADIO!!!..could i get some money back? as this car has a fault!!!

    2. I’m having issues with the DAB radio on a RAV4, it looses the signal all the times, on a 10 mile journey I can loose the signal 20+ times and on other occasions for a mile or two.

      I used to have a Suzuki Vitara and it NEVER lost the signal, similarly a Vauxhall Corsa (base model) both don’t loose the signal on the same routes.

      The difference is a shark fin antenna on the RAV4 and a whip antenna on the Vitara.

      I guess the shark fin looks cool but is like a dummy cctv / alarm, no good when actually needed.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear this.

        Please contact your nearest Toyota centre if your vehicle is not operating as you believe it should.


      2. I’ve got he same problem. It’s really frustrating. My local dealership says there’s nothing that can be done to rectify it. Never had this problem with any cars I’ve had with DAB.

  2. In early 2020 just before COVID I went to the local Toyota dealership and asked them to fit DAB to my 2011 Hilux. They fitted an aftermarket Auto DAB system which has been total rubbish since I had it and now does not work at all. I am annoyed because I wanted them to add a DAB module to my existing head unit and they aid they would do that but instead charged me full price for something I could have had fitted at Halfords for £60…..Not happy!!

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