Switch on to DAB Digital Radio

Once you’ve experienced the clarity of DAB digital radio, you won’t want to go back to an analogue signal. There’s also a wide choice of digital-only radio stations you just can’t get on a conventional car radio.

Toyota owners can upgrade to a DAB digital radio for as little as £229 on most models. Adding this simple plug-in module to your car means you’ll enjoy crystal-clear reception. When listening to football or cricket coverage it sounds like the commentator is in the car with you. Voices are distinct and easy on the ear, and there’s none of the crackle or hiss you sometimes get when listening to analogue radio.

Music also sounds better through DAB, with precise, clearly defined and beautifully balanced sound.

By upgrading your Toyota’s car radio to digital, you’re also future-proofing your in-car entertainment against the day when conventional analogue radio will be switched off.

To find out more and book a fitting, contact your nearest Toyota dealer.

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  1. Have just bought a 2015 Yaris Icon. I got the impression from the web that the Touch 2 would have, but it is not the case? Is the Dab module a viable option or do I need to go with a Pure Highway instead?

    1. Hi Stevie,
      We’d advise speaking with your local Toyota Centre about this. They will be able to best advise you on how to approach this. Do you know your nearest dealer?

  2. I have just bought a 1.5 Yaris Trend Hybrid (Sept 2016) from the Toyota dealer here in Calabria, Italy. Unfortunately while I was told DAB+ was included the option is not available once I got it home. It seems to be a genuine error and the dealer is trying to remedy but even they are not sure if the addon option is available. Since DAB is still a service yet to reach Southern Italy, they do not seem to have it on their radar. However it is important for me when travelling up north and my twice yearly visit overland to UK. Can you please advise if Toyota Europe wide, has an option for an official addon? I find it quite mindboggling how DAB+ is not included as standard for all Toyota vehicles in EU at the very least. The idea of having to even think of paying £400+ for a £50 module is also beguiling. I just hope this will be my only gripe with Toyota in the future.

  3. Hi Francis,
    As you’re based in Italy, we would have to recommend speaking with Toyota Italy about this accessory. Due to the UK and Italy being different European markets accessories may vary. You can contact Toyota Italy here: fal.cn/umRW

  4. The advice I would give is, don’t do it. I had a unit installed on my Prius. It involves an aerial on the windscreen and a remote which controls the channels through one of your preselected FM channels.
    It defaults to FM87.6, which on my radio obliterates the FM signal for Radio 2. In fact, all FM signals were weaker after installation.

    After several months the unit stopped working and was replaced. A few months again, the second unit stopped working. I scheduled to have that repaired by my nearest authorised service centre who had it for a day but couldn’t work out what do do. So I took it to another, who have replaced the unit again, but it receives hardly any digital channels , those that do keep dropping out regularly, and I can’t get anything on FM. .. more>>

    1. In an ideal world I’d get a refund for a product that not only doesn’t work, but also interferes with what I had before. I now have no radio to listen to, except over my mobile phone. The response from the Toyota dealer who sold it to me was that it worked when I left, the dealer who replaced it said they can’t remove it, only fix it (again) and head office says warranty won’t cover removal only replacement.

      So, to get back to FM radio without this digital travesty, not only have I to forget about the initial expense, but also pay MORE for an authorised Toyota dealer to remove it. Just a word of warning. If I’d have known, I’d have stuck with FM.

      1. I have. The choice I have is pursue getting the radio fixed – and all the time involved in that – or pay to get a dealer to remove it. So write off the money I paid getting the radio, plus pay more to get my FM radio back. Altogether a tiresome and unsatisfactory experience that has tarnished my view of Toyota.

  5. My mum just bought a 2015 Aygo X-play and when looking at it she was told by the main dealer she bought it from that it has DAB radio. It’s also listed as standard in the brochure they gave her. Got it home and It doesn’t have DAB, only FM & AM. Called my local dealer to see about upgrading it to DAB and was told the parts alone are £2400 as it needs a completely different unit (& screen!) installing. Rubbish! Don’t rely on what the saleman tells you, check it yourself.

  6. Hi

    Recently Purchased a Toyota Auris 2010 from Toyota dealership, with Navigation System, which appears to have a MW.DAB button. Why does the DAB not work and how much do Toyota charge to fix this issue. It sounds like false advertisement on the vehicle displaying DAB functionality when it doesn’t work (Reading blogs above).

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we can’t diagnose the issue with your car without inspecting it. We’d recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer for further assistance. If you’re unhappy with your car, or the way in which it was sold to you, please contact customer relations here: po.st/O3vN72

      1. Your customer support no point. Want me to pay to have th DAB plug in installed. Part is like £450 adn the labour is more than £2000. ridiculous.

  7. having issuses on new auris radio loosing signal more noticable on dab all stations affected signal drops out 10 15 seconds and then comes back

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      You should check the settings for the radio, so alternative frequency is selected.
      Also, if you have anything installed it could be causing interference, such as dash cameras, for example.
      If this doesn’t help please get back in touch.

      1. yea i have checked settings it is set too on i have a camera installed but have used it on my last auris for three years and never had an issue so cant see that being the problem even fm signal seems weaker if driving away from my home loosrs signal alot sooner than with last auris

  8. Hi Tony,
    After speaking with our Technical Team, we’d advise removing the camera and cable before testing it again and seeing if there is a difference. Failing that, we’d advise visiting your local Toyota dealer.
    You can find your nearest dealer here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.
    Hope this helps.

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