Solar-powered ventilation – cooler than the sun

We’ve been talking about the many technical innovations in new Prius. One of our favourites is its solar-powered ventilation system.

We’ve all been there: it’s a warm day, the car’s been parked in the sun and getting inside is like walking into a furnace. To make life bearable you crank up the air-con full blast, using up more fuel and increasing emissions in the process.

But thanks to a world-first from Toyota, it’s not a problem new Prius owners need worry about. A Solar Pack, offered as an option on the top-of-the-range T Spirit model, keeps the interior cool while you’re away, with no drain on vehicle power or performance. It uses a series of solar panels neatly integrated into a sliding sunroof to operate the car’s ventilation fan, bringing cabin temperature down from as high as 80° to 45°C.

Prius solar pack roof

If you switch the Solar Pack on as you leave the car, it will automatically keep the interior cooler until you return to switch it off, or start the engine. It even waits 10 minutes before operating, so it doesn’t get rid of cabin air that has already been cooled. There’s no fuel used and no emissions produced; just solar energy and clever Toyota technology doing their thing to make life more comfortable.

The Solar Pack (£1,450 including VAT) also comes with a handy Remote Air Conditioning function: one blip of the A/C button on the key fob, and the air-con will run for up to three minutes before you get inside. It’s powered by the high-capacity hybrid battery, and is another world-first for Prius: conventional 12V car batteries just aren’t powerful enough to support this kind of function.

But then, conventional cars – literally – aren’t as cool.


  1. I bought a 2002 reg diesel Rav4 less than a year ago, the car has 56,000 miles on the clock.
    It stopped driving last week, the master flywheel and clutch are broken- I heard that this is a common fault in 2002 reg Rav4’s
    Why were all of these cars not recalled?
    Will Toyota accept that this is a manufacturing fault fix my car for free?

  2. Hi Zelie, we’ve passed your query on to our Customer Services department, and they will be in touch with you.


    Simon R

  3. Why is it that when the sunroof option is chosen, then the wheels size moves down to 15″ size with a repair kit and hub-cap style alloys. Is it to save weight, this would spoil look of car.

  4. Hi, I own a 53 plate rav 4D4, and have also been told that the flywheel has broken, it has done just under 70,000 miles. Will Toyota take responsibility to fix this as I gather from other blogs that this is a common problem with this model.(Why where they not recalled?)

    Any help much appreciated

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