Rumour mills

Rumours can be fickle. Just last week it seemed that the internet was abuzz with talk of iQ making it to US shores.

It’s still a topic of discussion, but this week’s speculation is that a convertible iQ is in the pipeline.

The rumour seems to have started with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Our German is as rusty as our Japanese, but the magazine says that a two-seater, open top iQ is destined for the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2009.

It’s got a good looking sketch of what it might look like.

It’s not just our German that’s patchy, though. Talk of a possible November 2009 concept car became a Toyota announcement of an imminent unveiling, according to one blog’s translation.

One problem: there’s no Tokyo Motor Show to unveil anything at. Not this year, anyway.

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