RAV4 voted most reliable 4×4 x2


The Toyota RAV4 has come joint first in surveys of both reliable new and reliable used 4x4s, conducted by Which?.

The 2006 RAV4 achieves an outstanding 89 per cent reliability score, while the 2004 model scores 82 per cent.

‘Toyota is recognised as one of the top carmakers for producing reliable cars,’ Which? said. ‘The RAV4 has historically been a model that upheld that reputation, and the latest RAV4 scores an impressive 89% reliability rating.’ With over 66,000 owner reviews helping to contribute to this score, clearly many of you are in agreement.

Are you a happy RAV4 owner? Perhaps you even have a first generation car (1994-2000)? Get in touch with your stories below, or post pictures of your RAV on our Facebook page.

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  1. A 2013 Rav 4Invincible not a single mechanical or electrical problem as yet which is to be expected with any new vehicle but as yet i have not had a puncture.Why oh why do you not get a spare wheel and dread such a breakdown when you hear of the stories that go with the tyre foam repair system sorry RIP OFF stories ie- 50 quid for a pot of foam that when pumped into your tyre renders it useless. So lets add up the cost of a puncture. 130 quid a new tyre.50 to replace your tub of foam. 80 quid callout because it dont bloody work. Old fashioned cost 7 pound 50 pence ATSwhen you take tyre into a depot for a plug. COME ON YOU CAR COMPANIES SORT YOUSELVES OUT.

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