Toyota RAV4 price and specification

The latest prices and specifications have been announced for the Toyota RAV4. Find all the details, plus a full table of options and engine and gearbox choices below.

The latest generation of the Toyota RAV4 is bigger than its predecessor, as well as better-equipped, more fun to drive and more stylish inside and out. To get a feel for the model, read our extensive review or hear firsthand from Alain Dujardyn, the man in charge of the RAV4 project.

There are twelve versions available, covering both two-wheel and all-wheel drive, and four equipment grades: Active, Business EditionIcon and Invincible.

On-the-road prices start at £22,795 for the 2.0 D-4D Active 2WD, and rise to £30,160 for the top-of-the-range 2.2 D-4D automatic Invincible AWD model.

Customers will be able to save more money in the longer term, too, as Toyota has introduced a new 2.0-litre D-4D diesel engine that takes RAV4’s CO2 emissions down to a new low of just 127g/km in the two-wheel drive models.

Active grade offers 17-inch alloys, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, electric windows front and rear, rear privacy glass and front fog lights.

Icon spec’ includes a powered tailgate (now top-hinged for easier loading), a folding function on the powered door mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, part-leather instrument panel trim and dual-zone automatic air conditioning. The Toyota Touch 2 multimedia touchscreen system also features on Icon models, with a DAB digital tuner, rear-view camera and Bluetooth. Keyless Smart Entry & Start makes life with the RAV4 Icon that little bit easier too.

Business Edition, aimed primarily at company car drivers, is similar in specification to the Icon model, with the addition of Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go multimedia and navigation package as part of its standard equipment.

Invincible cars add more premium equipment features such as roof rails, leather upholstery, heated front seats, rear parking sensors and Smart Entry and Start.

Owners can also choose from a range of useful options, including (according to model grade) Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go multimedia system with satellite navigation, on-line connectivity and advanced Bluetooth features; leather upholstery; and two clever new safety features – Lane Departure Warning and a Blind Spot Monitor.

A Style Pack and Protection Pack can enhance RAV4’s rugged looks, and add the benefit of parking sensors and a bumper protector.

There are three engines: the new 124hp 2.0-litre and the 150hp 2.2-litre D-4D diesels, along with a 151hp 2.0-litre Valvematic petrol. Transmissions are a six-speed manual for the diesels, a CVT automatic for the petrol unit, and the option of a six-speed automatic for the 2.2 D-4D.

Here’s the full new RAV4 line-up with prices (updated 25/03/15): –

Active 2WD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£22,795
Business Edition 2WD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£24,295
Icon 2WD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£25,295
Icon AWD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£26,300
Icon AWD2.0 V-maticAuto (CVT)£26,305
Icon AWD2.2 D-4D 150Man (6-speed)£27,100
Icon AWD2.2 D-CAT 150Man (6-speed)£28,210
Invincible 2WD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£27,245
Invincible AWD2.0 D-4DMan (6-speed)£28,250
Invincible AWD2.0 V-maticAuto (CVT)£28,255
Invincible AWD2.2 D-4D 150Man (6-speed)£29,050
Invincible AWD2.2 D-CAT 150Man (6-speed)£30,160

Details in this article were correct at the time of publication.


  1. Why is it for the 2013 Rav 4 in the US, Austrailia and other parts of Europe you can get a space saver sparewheel that fits in the wheel wel but in the UK it is not available. The solution offered is laughable as a full size spare wheel strapped in the boot taking up 30% of the boot space is more like a solution that would be featured on Top Gear. I cannot believe that a different design for the wheel well was developed just for the UK. If Toyota can offer this in the US why not in the UK. When I purchased my Rav 4 in April 2013 I was told the space saver would be available in July. If had seen the proposed solution then I would have gone for a different make of vehicle. The Toyota Uk customer service on this issue is abysmal.

    1. Hi Alan
      Specifications of our cars vary across the globe and space saver spare wheels were introduced on UK models from around the beginning of this year to replace the tyre repair kits. Cars which have the tyre repair kits though do not have the necessary fixings in place from the factory to secure a spare wheel within the wheel well. We have to ensure that the wheel is safely secured inside the vehicle so a full size spare wheel was introduced, however we accept this does impact on boot space because of this.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  2. Last year I was led to believe that space saver spare wheels were unavailable for my new Rav4 due to their being in short supply – a situation that would be rectified by the end of the year. Now I understand they can’t be supplied to models that don’t have a fixing point to securely hold the tyre. My Rav4 apparently doesn’t have this fixture.

    Surely it’s not beyond the wit of Toyota to make and fit a suitable clamping device in the wheel well?

    I’ve just had a word with my Toyota dealer and he showed me a picture of the full size spare wheel and cover strapped inside the rear luggage space. The man was glum and couldn’t look me in the eye when we examined the Rav4 luggage space and compared it with the picture of the full sized wheel taking up a vast amount of the space. He obviously knew it was a grossly stupid idea but couldn’t speak his mind.

    Honest John indicated this farcical situation is connected with the manufacture’s desperate need to get favorable non real-world official fuel consumption and emission figures. Why on earth Toyota should alienate their customers while striving to realize these absurd targets is beyond me – I’d happily sacrifice a mile or two per gallon and or moving into a higher tax band for the security of a spare wheel – even more so if it was in a vehicle carrying a full size spare.

    In all other respects I really like my car and the Toyota brand. Do I have to resort to buying a car from another manufacturer to get what I want? Or should I move to Australia?

    1. Hi Stephen
      Thanks for your post.
      RAV4’s were supplied with a tyre repair kit until the beginning of this year when this changed to the space saver wheel. Cars which have the tyre repair kit do not have the necessary fixing in place (fitted during manufacture) to safely secure the spare wheel into the spare wheel well. A full size spare wheel was developed as an accessory item but this does impact on boot space. We are sorry that we could not use the wheel well but we have to ensure that the spare wheel is safely secured in the vehicle.
      We acknowledge that we did not get it right when RAV4’s were supplied with a tyre repair kit and this was changed in response to customer feedback.
      Thanks again for your post.

    2. Stephen
      the mounting bracket is available (part number 51912-42010) but it needs welding to the boot floor. You also need the wheel retainer bolt ( 51931-47020) and the wheel to floor spacer (64777-42040).
      RAVs with space savers were available in limited numbers last May as before I signed the contract the dealer rang ToyotaUK to confirm the car I would get had a space saver and I insisted in was added on the contract before signing. A space save is no more than a limp home option and having a full size spare in the boot is far from ideal. A raised boot floor / full size spare below option is available in Australia and other markets I think ToyotaUK should consider offering this option in the UK.

  3. I was looking at Kia Sportage today, full size alloy in the boot, 7 year warranty.

    While awaiting my Mazda CX-5 which had just done 55.9 mpg to the garage.
    Again fitted with a full sized alloy, all be it at extra cost, and with a raised boot.

  4. Back in the garage for the stop start again to be fixed – Garage told by toyota expert, stop start will only work when fan and radio (and everything else electronic!!!) is turned off and this is the way it has been designed by Toyota !!!!

    Great idea

    1. Hello Sarah
      Thanks for your post.
      Just to clarify, the system does have an inbuilt safety system which ensures that based on the current load and battery condition, if it stops the engine that it can restart it. An example would be that if the windscreen demister is on – (this draws a high load using heater + aircon and high fan speed) then the engine will not turn off as the high load could cause the battery to flatten. Your dealer will be able to check the health of your car battery – if it is the case that the system will not shut off then it may be a little low. They will also be able to plug their computer into your car and see if there are any systems that are inhibiting the stop start function, (eg door/bonnet open, not in neutral, hand brake not on etc). The system works very well if all the stop conditions are met and more information about this is available in the owners handbook. Hope this helps.

  5. Finally, after pulling my hair out with numerous visits to my dealer over the last year during which I was fobbed off time after time, I have obtained a space saver spare wheel and all the necessary spare parts, wheel jack mounting bracket etc for my Rav4. The bill came to a shade under £500 and I still need to have the bracket welded to the boot floor which will cost over a £120 + VAT for the dealer to do it.

    My thanks to Robbo for his help with part nos, which finally goaded my dealer into action. All this has taken a year to happen – why? There can be no real excuse. Needless to say, I’ll remember all this when I consider buying another car. When I left the dealership with the parts today I was asked what I thought of the electric tailgate. I wanted to say, given the choice between that or a full size spare wheel, I’d take the wheel any day, but that’s another gripe.

    1. Stephen
      Glad you have finally managed to get your space saver.
      Regarding the power tailgate Ive have had the right one replaced twice since getting the car. First time it disconected from the tailgate the second time when the black sleeve got stuck.
      According to the dealer they cost £800 as there is also a mini computer included with the wiring.
      Would prefer a non power tailgate as quicker to open and would avoid the embarressment of the long bleep when you open the car in a car park

  6. I have a 2012 Rav4 and when I try to use the USB port it’s not working. I get an “Error 4” message on the display. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with your USB port, we’d like to help! Could you please send us your vehicle reg and a picture of your audio unit to
      In the second half of 2012 the RAV4 audio system was updated, the reg and audio unit (picture) should confirm the appropriate fix.
      Many thanks.

  7. Dear Toyota,
    Having a brand new RAV4 Icon 2WD 2.0 diesel delivered in late July’14. I want a secondary set of wheels fitted with winter tyres. Local Toyota dealers are clueless/don’t seem to be interested in confirming compatibility/supplying. Passed from pillar to post: Sales/Service/Parts. Toyota customer service ‘phone line just refers all inquiries back to dealer network or offers £1.50p/min technical help line!.
    Can you confirm that PZ419-X0693-ZA 17″ steels with 225/65/R17 106H are compatible for winter use with this RAV4 and can they use the existing bolts? Thank you.

    1. Hello Richard
      Thanks for your post and sorry you have experienced problems in receiving an answer to your question. We have forwarded this to our technical team and will reply again as soon as we receive a response. Just want to let you know this is being dealt with.

  8. Hello Richard
    Further to our previous response, we have received a reply from our technical team.
    The have advised that because your new RAV4 has TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), this feature will not work with steel wheels.
    You would therefore need a second set of alloy wheels, a set of TPMS sensors and suitable tyres (have attached the link where they sourced this information if this helps) BRIDGESTONE – 225/65 R17 LM80EVO 102H TL LAML. Once these have been fitted we need to make you aware that the sensors will have to be coded into the vehicle by your dealer. The other option is to keep the existing wheels and sensors and just swap the tyres over.
    Does this help clarify? Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  9. Hi I have a 63 plate rav4 bought in January and are constantly being told excuse after excuse each month I ring regarding the space saver spare wheel I am still awaiting now 6 months after purchasing car
    It’s about time toyota sort this out how many more disgruntled customers are there out there
    I only want what I was promised in the dealership but am now fed up an make not recommend toyota to anyone in the future
    I would be glad to her from toyota tech depth on there comments

  10. Hello Mark
    Thanks for your post and we are sorry to hear your comments.
    Since February this year we have had the option of a full size accessory spare wheel for those customers who prefer this option to the tyre repair kit. We should state that it is a full size spare wheel which fits in the boot of the car and we accept this may not suit all needs. We are happy to contact the Toyota centre involved if any help or further clarification is required.

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