Plug-in Prius PHV video review with

We were lucky enough to take charge of a Prius PHV at the launch of the lease programme being run by Toyota and EDF Energy in the UK.  But we’re definitely not the only ones interested in the future of hybrid technology – the team at Stuff magazine jumped at the chance to take a drive.

It’s no surprise that a car packed with cutting-edge hybrid technology has caught the attention of gadget fans around the world. Did the pre-production Prius PHV, with its long-range EV mode, meet the expectations of Stuff reviewer Lucy Hedges? Find out by clicking on the video below.


Just 20 of these special Prius plug-in hybrids are on the road in the UK, with data from the programme being used to develop the production-ready model for launch in 2012.

The current Prius is still firmly in the spotlight, too. Filming is currently underway for its starring role in Robert Llewellyn’s Carpool, which will hit television screens later this year – we will have further updates on the blog soon.

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