One Way In. One Way Out. Celebrating Toyota 4x4s with Toyota Australia and the FJ Cruiser

It may not be available in the UK, but there’s no reason why we can’t all enjoy the latest FJ Cruiser adventure produced by our friends at Toyota Australia. For those who’ve never seen it before, FJ Cruiser is a retro-inspired SUV based on the Land Cruiser we all know and love.

‘One Way In. One Way Out.’ is a series of short documentary-style episodes that sees two strangers dropped into the Australian bush with just a FJ Cruiser (and a few supplies) with which to get themselves back home… Click on the video below for highlights from the series.

Celebrating 50 years since the birth of the Toyota FJ40, ‘One Way In. One Way Out.’ has helped launch the FJ Cruiser model in Australia. Packed with stunning scenery, off-road action and more than a few laughs along the way, the full episodes are available to watch on YouTube.

To find out more about Toyota’s 4×4 heritage, read our earlier blog post here. If all that off-road action has got you in the mood for your own Toyota 4×4, why not check out the UK range, including the king of them all, the Land Cruiser V8? After all, we’re celebrating 60 years of Toyota 4x4s this year with the feature-packed Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser V8 60th Anniversary models.


    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your post. At present 2016 FJ Cruiser is not available in the UK and there are no plans at present. Many thanks.

      1. thanks for your reply Charlotte. Any reason you can share why (seems a shame).

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