Next generation Prius: more power, more kit, more economy… same prices

We’ve been talking about how the new Prius improves on the current car, but until now we’ve been in the dark about how much the newer, faster, more economical Prius is going to cost. Quite a few blog readers have been wondering, too.

Today, Toyota announced its UK pricing for the next-generation car. Potential customers will be glad to know that prices for the entry-level T3 model and the top-of-the-range T Spirit will be exactly the same as for the current model. In between, there’s a modest increase for the T4 to reflect its improved specification.

In hard figures, that’s £18,370 for the T3, £19,990 for the T4 and £21,210 for the T Spirit.

Prius front detail

But while the prices are little changed, the new car delivers so much more on many different levels.

For a start, the standard specification for each grade has been significantly improved. We’ll be bringing you full equipment details soon, but as an example, the T3 now comes loaded with extra high-tech features including a head-up instrument display and new Touch Tracer multi-function switches on the steering wheel. In addition to the current car’s spec there are front fog lamps, a heating function on the electric door mirrors, a driver’s knee airbag and a Smart Entry & Start system.

The T4 gets the same goodies plus 17-inch alloys, Bluetooth, an eight-speaker sound system and automatic wipers.

And, continuing the more-for-your-money theme, T Spirit comes with an improved hands-off-the-wheel Intelligent Park Assist and a new Toyota hard disk drive (HDD) navigation system that also gives you an on-board electronic music library. And we really do like the sound of that!

Extra spec is only part of the story, as new Prius is significantly more powerful than before, has lower emissions – a best-on-the-market 89g/km – and gives more miles to the gallon with an official 72.4mpg combined cycle figure.

And it doesn’t stop there. Prius’ redesign means there is more room in the cabin, especially for rear seat passengers, and, thanks mainly to a more compact hybrid battery pack, there’s more usable space in the boot, too.

Sales start in August began on 1 June, but from 8 June you can see the car in the flesh at Birmingham’s Bullring.


  1. @ Simon
    Can you please pass my comments about the need for custom POI’s to your software engineers. If I could be confident that the software would be upgraded to allow this then th eT Spirit would be back in the frame.

  2. Thanks Ron and you’re welcome. Regarding the POIs I’ll do my best to get in touch with the relevant team, but it could take a while. I’ll keep you posted!

    On the subject of the reversing camera, all I know is I’m going to pay attention to the screen the next time I drive a car with one fitted – I’m not sure if you read about my mishap in the current generation Prius. Most embarrassing.

  3. Simon – Oh dear – I had not seen that one. That is a very good argument for aaudible reversing sensors though. 😉

  4. @Simon, Do you know if the LED headlights will be available as a seperate option on the T-Spirit rather than as a package – I guess they are not a standard fitment. I see that rain sensing wipers are fitted to T4/Spirit, but what about auto lights? I have both in my current car, but I guess not having autolights won’t be too bad a deal. Are electric folding door mirrors and auto dipping interior mirror available.

  5. “15″ wheels won’t be an option on the T4 or T Spirit, but they can be fitted aftermarket.”

    As the T Spirit has the option of the solar roof, does that mean that unlike in the US and the Netherlands where the combination of the larger wheels and the roof aren’t allowed, it’ll still keep the 17″ wheels if you add it? I’d heard the reason you couldn’t ordinary have both was because the extra weight of the roof combined with the 17″ wheels, led to a larger than acceptable loss in fuel economy.

    Also, any possibility you could tell us whether we’re likely to get the same stuff as the Americans do on their top package with the T Spirit? I figure since DRCC/PCS/LKA are all available on the T Spirit version of the new Avensis, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to keep them on the version of the Prius sold here.

    Though in terms of your mishap, seeing as PCS only works for frontal collisions, even if it does make it onto the T Spirit, you’re still going to want to pay attention to that screen when reversing ;).

  6. I nearly bought an Insight but it was awful to drive. When can we place orders. Does the new Prius have a spare wheel? Do the mirrors fold? can we expect the reflection problems of the old Prius? It does look very expensive are there any Government Incentives? My old Prius was due for replacement last year but the new one will need to be much better to tempt me to change.

  7. Can I be sure that this new model will have the integrated mains powered charger for journeys of 30 – 50 miles without engine assistance? Otherwise it will not be a great deal different to the previous models.

  8. One issue I have had with my Prius was attempting to climb an iced up multi story car park ramp. Because of the automatic EPS the car just stopped half way up with power turned off. I had to reverse down a blind corner to get back to the barrier – very scary! Apparently there is no way of turning the system off because of the risk to the hybrid components. Is this remedied in the new model.

  9. Please note a correction in this post – sales began on 1 June, the first cars are due for delivery in August. Apologies for any confusion!
    I’m seeking answers to the most recent questions and will as always reply when I can.
    @Victor Ian Clark – I’m not aware of any specific government incentives for hybrids, but under current regulations the new Prius will be in band A for road tax, which is free. It will also be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.
    @VickyDee – you’re describing a plug-in hybrid. Although Toyota is trialling plug-in versions of the next Prius (see my comment here) the standard car isn’t charged from the mains. The new EV mode does give it a two-kilometre electric-only range, while improvements throughout the Hybrid Synergy Drive make it more efficient and less polluting than the previous model.
    @Simon Forest – I’ll try to find an answer to this, but by EPS do you mean electronic power steering? I’m confused as to how this would be a problem in ice, but I’ll try to ask an expert!
    Thanks again for all your comments.

  10. Thanks Simon and sorry I have caused confusion
    What I mean is the electronic traction control system which stops the wheels spinning. I was confused with the electronic stability program which is ca;lled stability control on the Prius.

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