Next generation Prius: more power, more kit, more economy… same prices

We’ve been talking about how the new Prius improves on the current car, but until now we’ve been in the dark about how much the newer, faster, more economical Prius is going to cost. Quite a few blog readers have been wondering, too.

Today, Toyota announced its UK pricing for the next-generation car. Potential customers will be glad to know that prices for the entry-level T3 model and the top-of-the-range T Spirit will be exactly the same as for the current model. In between, there’s a modest increase for the T4 to reflect its improved specification.

In hard figures, that’s £18,370 for the T3, £19,990 for the T4 and £21,210 for the T Spirit.

Prius front detail

But while the prices are little changed, the new car delivers so much more on many different levels.

For a start, the standard specification for each grade has been significantly improved. We’ll be bringing you full equipment details soon, but as an example, the T3 now comes loaded with extra high-tech features including a head-up instrument display and new Touch Tracer multi-function switches on the steering wheel. In addition to the current car’s spec there are front fog lamps, a heating function on the electric door mirrors, a driver’s knee airbag and a Smart Entry & Start system.

The T4 gets the same goodies plus 17-inch alloys, Bluetooth, an eight-speaker sound system and automatic wipers.

And, continuing the more-for-your-money theme, T Spirit comes with an improved hands-off-the-wheel Intelligent Park Assist and a new Toyota hard disk drive (HDD) navigation system that also gives you an on-board electronic music library. And we really do like the sound of that!

Extra spec is only part of the story, as new Prius is significantly more powerful than before, has lower emissions – a best-on-the-market 89g/km – and gives more miles to the gallon with an official 72.4mpg combined cycle figure.

And it doesn’t stop there. Prius’ redesign means there is more room in the cabin, especially for rear seat passengers, and, thanks mainly to a more compact hybrid battery pack, there’s more usable space in the boot, too.

Sales start in August began on 1 June, but from 8 June you can see the car in the flesh at Birmingham’s Bullring.


  1. Hey Darryl thanks for the heads up, this is excellent news!!

    I’m looking forward to your post about the full equipment details, but so far the 2009 model is hitting all the right notes at the right prices.

  2. The hard disk on the T Spirit sounds promising. The lack of flexibility of the navigation system was a major drawback on the old Prius (no provision for entering custom POI’s and severely limited number of favourite locations. Does the hard disk base mean that we can input our own POI’s (I have over 14,000 on my Garmin) such as speed camera and other useful locations?
    There has been much on the US sites about the 17inch alloys and low profile tyres having a bad effect on fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Will T3 alloys be an option on the T4 and T Spirit?
    One important thing for me as a driver – I like cooler climate control than my wife, particularly when driving. In my current car I can mix ambient air to the face level vents. An alternative is two different temperatures for driver and passenger from the A/C. Does the new model allow either of these? My dealer said that it has the ability to have a few degrees difference for passenger and driver but the photos that I have seen only show one climate temperature on the display.
    Finally, can the T4 have the reversing camera without navigation and front parking sensors?

  3. Thats not bad. Though I was hoping that the price would be nearer to Honda Insight (I know).

    Are the baove prices OTR prices ?

    And more importantly when will 2010 Prius be actually ready for delivery & on the roads ?


  4. Thanks for the good news. I was hoping this is what would happen. Next stage is the detailed release of the equipment levels which I’m looking forward too.

    Like others, does August mean this is when we can expect to see cars in the UK? Obviously everyone is aware that the first customers in Japan and the US already have their cars!

    To answer some questions:

    1. The CO2 emissions of 92g for the 17″ wheels tell you there is an approx 3 to 4% hit in fuel consumption over the 15″ (89g). Still well under the magic 100g for free road tax though.

    2. Backup camara is only available with the Nav – the view shows on the same screen.

  5. I got rid of my company BMW for a Prius a year ago and have enjoyed driving the Prius a lot more. Its agreat car and I can’t wait to get the new one.

    Hope they have added heated mirrors now as that is the current models only fault.

  6. Thanks again for all your comments.
    @Ron – I’m trying to find answers to all your questions, but I think that Andy is correct regarding the camera and navigation options being linked and not available separately.
    @Sandeep and Andy – Yes, the prices are all OTR. Customer cars are due on the roads from 1 August.
    @Philip – All grades of the new car do have heated door mirrors.
    Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks Simon.

    So when will Toyota be taking bookings ? I contacted my local dealer about 1 month ago & must admit he couldnt have been less helpful.

    If the car will be on the road with the customers from 1st Aug, then surely we cant be too far away from placing order stage.


  8. Thanks Simon for your replies.

    If the first UK cars will be delivered to their lucky owners on the 1st August can you tell us when we’ll be able to order them? I spoke to a dealer yesterday who already has a waiting list 10 customers eager to place orders (all are owners of the current model wanting to renew / upgrade).

  9. Hi all, thanks for your patience – I’ve had some replies to your questions:

    @Ron – The hard disk does store navigation data, but doesn’t store additional points of interest. It does provide greater screen visuals.
    The air conditioning doesn’t split left/right, but it does provide ambient air to the face-level vents.
    15″ wheels won’t be an option on the T4 or T Spirit, but they can be fitted aftermarket.
    The reversing camera is not available separately from the navigation system.

    @Sandeep & Andy, the order book opened on 1 June. It’s too soon to confirm lead times for delivery, but it should be possible to confirm them shortly.

    I hope that’s useful. We’ll carry on trying to bring you as much information as possible in our posts, so please keep reading!

  10. Thanks for the response, Simon
    That’s a real shame about the satnav and POI’s. Being able tro add your own POI’s is an absolute necessity if you want to use SatNav to its full advantage. With a hard disk it would be so easy to add them. On my Garmin I just need to load them on to an SD card and they are transferred into th enuvi’s memory or can be available just from the SD card. Why cannot the software allow POI’s to be burned onto a CD and then transferred onto the hard disk? That is not rocket science – I presume that the mapping is either Navteq or TeleAtlas! I cannot see me paying £1200 for a reversing camera – the satnav is useless to me – and I don’t suppose I am alone in thinking that.

    T hat’s good news as far as the face level vents are concerned. Does that mean that face level is ALWAYS ambient air or is there a control to mix ambient with the cooled/heated air from the climate unit for those vents only? Such a mixing control is not obvious from the photos in the brochure. All I can see is the fresh air/recirculation switch.

    Please don’t just show us the T-Spirit at the road shows! I want to know what happens to that SatNav screen space on the T4 and T3.

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