Next generation Prius: more power, more kit, more economy… same prices

We’ve been talking about how the new Prius improves on the current car, but until now we’ve been in the dark about how much the newer, faster, more economical Prius is going to cost. Quite a few blog readers have been wondering, too.

Today, Toyota announced its UK pricing for the next-generation car. Potential customers will be glad to know that prices for the entry-level T3 model and the top-of-the-range T Spirit will be exactly the same as for the current model. In between, there’s a modest increase for the T4 to reflect its improved specification.

In hard figures, that’s £18,370 for the T3, £19,990 for the T4 and £21,210 for the T Spirit.

Prius front detail

But while the prices are little changed, the new car delivers so much more on many different levels.

For a start, the standard specification for each grade has been significantly improved. We’ll be bringing you full equipment details soon, but as an example, the T3 now comes loaded with extra high-tech features including a head-up instrument display and new Touch Tracer multi-function switches on the steering wheel. In addition to the current car’s spec there are front fog lamps, a heating function on the electric door mirrors, a driver’s knee airbag and a Smart Entry & Start system.

The T4 gets the same goodies plus 17-inch alloys, Bluetooth, an eight-speaker sound system and automatic wipers.

And, continuing the more-for-your-money theme, T Spirit comes with an improved hands-off-the-wheel Intelligent Park Assist and a new Toyota hard disk drive (HDD) navigation system that also gives you an on-board electronic music library. And we really do like the sound of that!

Extra spec is only part of the story, as new Prius is significantly more powerful than before, has lower emissions – a best-on-the-market 89g/km – and gives more miles to the gallon with an official 72.4mpg combined cycle figure.

And it doesn’t stop there. Prius’ redesign means there is more room in the cabin, especially for rear seat passengers, and, thanks mainly to a more compact hybrid battery pack, there’s more usable space in the boot, too.

Sales start in August began on 1 June, but from 8 June you can see the car in the flesh at Birmingham’s Bullring.


  1. @Simon Forrest – no problem, thanks for clarifying. I’ve asked Toyota and will let you know what I hear.
    Meanwhile I’ve had some answers to previous questions:
    @Julian – Toyota said: “The 15″ wheels are mandatory with the Solar Roof. This requirement is not
    CO2 based but rather weight restriction based. 17″ Alloys + Solar Roof would have a load-bearing impact on the car which Toyota does not wish to compromise. The CO2 figure for a T Spirit with Solar Roof and the required 15″ wheels remains exactly the same as the T3 with its standard 15″ alloys and no Solar Roof.” Also please see reply to Victor below regarding spare wheel.
    Regarding PCS and my mishap, I suspect you might be right 🙂 I’ll never live it down, I’m sure.
    @Victor Ian Clark – The order book for the car is now open at dealers. All models have a space-saving spare except where the Solar Roof is fitted, in which case a tyre repair kit is supplied instead. The mirrors don’t fold electronically.
    @Stephen Hartley – still awaiting clarification on your other questions.

  2. Door mirrors: according to info on the US model the mirrors are foldable but only manually. I imagine it’ll be the same here. My 07 Prius has 18500mls now and I want a MkIII (since I know it will have a temp spare). I’m expecting my current 60mpg at 60mph on throughways to improve by about 5mpg. The new info on range will be useful, too. Wish it had an engine temp gauge!

  3. Thanks It is good to know it has a spare, as I would not buy a car with the so called repair kit. My current Prius is the only car I have had in the past 15 years that I have had to fold the door n/s mirror to get it in the garage without the risk of damage. The current Prius is the same width as my Lexus IS200 and after a couple of mishaps I got used to folding them when I parked. The new Prius is not cheap so I expected better.
    When will the dealers get it if we can place orders from 1/7? When will the model detail specs be available? Mine is a T4 and I don’t care about sat.navs, reversing cameras or fancy wheels but I would like some way of keeping the screen and mirrors clear when it is very cold and a heater that works with the air con off. The current model is made for a California climate and is not good in a UK winter.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for bearing with me.
    @Stephen Hartley – I don’t think that LED lights are planned as an option in the UK, though we should shortly be getting final confirmation of this. There’s no option for an auto-dimming mirror, and the lights don’t have an auto-on mode. Jim’s right that the mirrors do fold, but only manually.
    @Phil – We folded the seats down and put a bike in lengthways last night! The capacity with the seats up is 445 litres, but I don’t have the figure with the seats down.
    @Victor Ian Clark – The mirrors are heated on all three grades. Unfortunately we won’t get a chance to test our car in cold weather, but I’ll investigate whether the heat works without air con over the next few days – you can read about what we’re up to in our latest post!

  5. Thanks for the update Simon. I guess the car at the Bullring is a pre production model as that does have LED headlights fitted. As the US has the autodimming mirror I may find out if I can order one from the US and have it installed – providing of course that the wiring is available.

  6. I have just placed an order for a new T3 and want parking sensors, as on my current Prius. The salesman phoned Toyota while I was there and was told they were part of the protection pack and £350, so they were added to the order. He has just phoned to say they cannot be ordered on the T3 only the T4. This makes no sense to me they area valuable aid and I have had them on my last three cars. The T4 is essentially the same as the T3 so why the difference? It is shocking how little support the salesman and the customer is given from Toyota at this late stage in the delivery cycle about items that many cars have as standard.

  7. Can a aftermarket sat nav system pe put on my 06 T4 prius? if so where can i get my hands on one. pref one that can use the screen not a stand alone unit.


  8. I have a T spirit due awiting delivery and am looking forwards to it! Never had a Prius/hybrid before but am a little worried about the horror stories I’ve been reading about the traction control in bad weather. My exisiting vehicle ( a Seat Alhambra Diesel) was pretty useless in the snow last winter, but for a different reason, the engine torque is so great that the wheels would just break traction even with an idling engine, traction control could not work out that both drive wheels were spinning. If the Prius proves to be a problem in snow or ice, It will leave me unable to work without me having to hire a replacement vehicle. Has the issue been rectified, or is it still useless in poor grip situations?

    1. I got delivery of the prius T Spirit just about a year ago now. I need not have feared for the traction control issue as it coped admirably with the worst winter for many years, virtually no problem, indeed it seemed to make better progress than 4 x 4’s on our local roads! No real issues with the car after 25000 miles, nothing has gone wrong, still on original tyres despite my preference for A roads over motorways, no squeaks, rattles, or any trim failing. The only negative comments I could possibly make would be regarding the tendency of the windscreen to attract fogging film which is very hard to clean off and the wipers aren’t that good at clearing the screen making driving at night in the wet less than perfect. Otherwise, fabulous car, 60 mpg long-term (25000 miles) average, best mpg on a single journey ( wakefield to York, virtually flat, 80 mpg! worst (winter driving in heavy rain) about 55 mpg.

  9. I have a Yaris and now an IQ as well.
    It’s surprising there’s such a contrast in front storage space, as the Yaris has 2 cupholders and 3 gloveboxes whereas the IQ has nothing!
    I’m considering getting something to stick on myself but am worried it will interfere with the airbags.
    Perhaps I’ll have to settle for a small box between the seats.
    A colleague has just had his Merc programmed to fold the mirrors in when he switches off the ignition. Is this possible for the IQ?

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