New year’s revolutions

It’s about to be 2009, and despite predictions of doom and gloom there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful. iQ’s official UK launch is now just a week away, and examples will be appearing in Toyota centres next week.

iQ adverts have started to appear in the shape of posters and animated displays, like these ones pictured in London’s Liverpool Street station.

There’s no sign yet of a TV ad, but we’ve noticed this short edit of the computer-generated teaser film on YouTube.

Happy new year!

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  1. – I saw the first one on the road yesterday. A
    black iQ being driven hard and given some revs near me(Lincolnshire) Registration No. **58OGG

    …a little black box on wheels, far better proportioned than the Smart in my opinion.
    No-one else was giving it a second glance, and I wanted to shout out:
    “Hey, look, its a new Toyota iQ on the road!”
    But I managed to contain my excitement –
    I didnt want passers by to think I was potty!


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