New Toyota RAV4: Alain Dujardyn interview

The launch of the new Toyota RAV4 is no small task… In this interview the man responsible, Alain Dujardyn, explains why

Q. The most noticeable thing about the new RAV4 is the way it looks. It’s more distinctive than the previous model, and incorporates the look of the new-generation Auris. How did you approach the design?
Alain Dujardyn (AD): “When Akio Toyoda became president of Toyota Motor Corporation, he made it clear we had to accelerate the evolution of a new dynamic and distinctive look of the vehicles we make. You can see this on new generation Auris, and now on RAV4, and you will also see it on Prius and Avensis, for example, as they are refreshed. We call it the Keen Look.

“Design is a new priority for Toyota and we’re defining a much more aggressive stance for this car that will also be translated onto the other models in the range.”

Q. When the original RAV4 was launched way back in 1994, it was in a class of its own. But since then, there’s been an explosion in the number of competitor models. Does more competition make designing and developing a new car easier or more difficult?
AD: “It’s certainly true that there is a lot more competition in what we call the C-SUV market. When the third-generation RAV4 was launched in 2005, there were 10 competitor models, now there are 19.

“However, we see our main benchmark as the previous generation RAV4, and our own research. It’s a similar situation that Toyota finds itself in with a car like Prius and with hybrid technology. When RAV4 and Prius each came along, they offered something completely new and defined their segment. You have to accept that competitors will try to follow your successes.

“But, it is interesting that there will be four new models in this market in the next year or so, including RAV4, and they are all very similar in terms of length, for example. This is because all manufacturers are guided by what our customers and potential customers tell us they want.”

Q. So what does RAV4 stand for now, and how has that changed?
AD: “The first RAV4 attracted young buyers, some of whom didn’t have families or children. But as our customers grow older their demands change. New RAV4 is a little larger than before, but it still has all-wheel drive because people want the ability to do light off-road driving and cope with colder, harsher winters.

“All customers loved RAV4 for its sporty feel, and its versatility, safety and fun to drive elements. But they said the car was becoming too small for them.

“So we’ve added more roominess and capacity while keeping the original RAV4 credentials. We wanted to make it better and more fun for the passengers, too.”

Q. What have you done to make RAV4 more fun?
AD: “A key part is improving the feel for the driver, and we’ve focused a lot on the all-wheel drive system, as it can give the driver confidence in the car in all weather conditions, but it can also give a fun feel too.

“We have developed the Integrated Dynamic Drive system, and all-wheel drive RAV4 models now have a sport mode, which always sends at least 10 per cent of the torque to the rear wheels, giving a better feel when cornering. It also makes the car more stable and agile.”

Q. What has the research told you about RAV4 customers and what they want?
AD: “Buyers of the first RAV4 were interested in travel, but now travel isn’t just about going to places within your own country – people are more likely to pack up and go on a drive across Europe, for example. To do this, they need a bit more comfort and space and luggage room. This new car gives them that while sticking to the fun to drive formula that RAV4 stands for.”

Q. And what about the future? Is a RAV4 Hybrid a possibility?
AD: “For sure, we could make a RAV4 Hybrid. Any future Toyota model will have the potential to use hybrid technology, because it is so well developed now. The fact we were able to add it to a small car, as with Yaris Hybrid, shows that we have developed the adaptation processes, as well as our commitment to hybrid technology. So of course a RAV4 Hybrid is possible. We are also aiming to have one million hybrid sales per year within this decade, so a wider range would help.

“But there will always be a decision to be made about the balance between investment and customer demand, and I can say that a RAV4 Hybrid is not in development at the moment.”




  1. I have seen a photograph of the front interior of the new RAV4 and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. On the side door was what looked like a large white sticker that
    someone had put there, and it looked totally out of place.
    If it is really there as part of the interior design I cannot understand it as it appears to have no function and is extremely distracting. I assume there is another one on the other side making things worse. To me it is so bad that I couldn’t possibly buy this vehicle for this one item only. Also I don’t find the overall design that outstanding – get a new designer, you need it!

  2. Headlites are a top priority for me. Are these as the Avensis Bi Zeon adaptive.The New Prius is misrepresented in the Brochure as having LED lites when in fact they are only on the low beam section.Can I be assured that the liting description will be correct no matter what system is used.Is full leather fitted onInvincible models at no extra cost.It is a pity that Toyota constantly has conflicting descriptions in Brochures and on web sites

  3. Was just wondering why the window controls and the wing mirror controls do not light up with all the other switches. They can not be seen at night and you have to feel around for them. Only the auto driver window switch illuminates. Potential safety issue if driving and you need to use controls……..

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your post. Please can you send us your vehicle details and we can look into this for you? Many thanks.

  4. Wondering if any comment on past post regarding function switches not illuminating. Window and side view mirror especially.

  5. Hi David,
    Thank you for your reply. We have double checked this with our technical team, and they have advised that this is a safety feature as window mirrors should not be altered once the car is in motion. Hope this helps, many thanks.

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