Exclusive! New Toyota Auris: your verdict

Production of the all-new and British-built Toyota Auris is finally underway, but last week we were given an exclusive chance to be the first to drive the car ahead of its official launch at Toyota’s Burnaston factory.

New Auris exclusive first driveAn embargo means we can’t talk about how it drives just yet (other than to say we liked it!), so instead we took it to you, the Great British Public, to find out exactly what you think.

This was the first time New Auris would be seen on UK roads, and secrecy ahead of the factory launch was important, so we took the car on a whistle-stop tour of the South West to get people’s first reactions.

We drove an Auris Hybrid, in the new mid-spec Icon grade (find out about Auris prices and specification here).

Teacher Lara Hosford, above, who lives near Chilcompton, said: ‘It’s comfortable, and it feels like I could get used to it quickly because it’s nice and simple inside.

‘It looks nicer than a Focus or an Astra, I’d say it’s a little bit like a BMW, especially from the back. The first thing I noticed was the colour, the white paint is pearly and it sparkles when you’re up close to it, it’s lovely.’

Mark Wilde, who runs a catering company and lives in Yeovil, said: ‘I have a van to get my work equipment around, but I usually need a car as well. The Land Rover I have at the moment is terrible in terms of fuel, so the hybrid sounds really good to me.

‘Anything that would lower my fuel and tax bills is worth a look, so it’s certainly something I’ll think about when I change my car. I like the look of it too.’

Oliver McManus, above, who lives in Yeovil, said: ‘I think it’s really good looking.  My wife and I have just had our first baby so practicality is important. The boot space looks about right in terms of space for what we need, like a pram and baby stuff. If I could get something that’s cheaper to run than my car I’d be really happy, so the Auris Hybrid seems great.’

Lucie Adams and Kevin Buxton, above, from South Petherton, both complimented the style of New Auris. Lucie said: ‘I really like the shape; it’s a good-looking car. I didn’t know Toyota makes it in the UK, but that’s really good to hear and it would make me prefer to buy it than something made in Europe or somewhere else.’

Kevin added: ‘It looks very smart, and I like the idea of the hybrid system, it sounds really clever. I’d really like to have a drive in it.’

Yeovil resident Judith Kingsmill, above, said: ‘It looks lovely, I know Toyotas quite well as some of my friends and colleagues own them and this is a lot better than the previous Auris. It looks like it’s got plenty of space and the interior is smart too.‘

Jo Feltham, who also lives in Yeovil, said: ‘I’m a Volkwagen owner and I’ve had them for a long time, but I really like the lines and the shape of this, it’s quite distinctive. The VWs I’ve had have always been pretty reliable but I know Toyota is very good on that side of things, so I would take a look at the Auris when I change my Beetle.’

So what do you think of new Auris? Take a look at these images from our drive (you can find more Auris pictures here, and all our new Auris content here) and leave a comment below.

New Toyota Auris exclusive first drive

New Toyota Auris exclusive first drive



  1. Thank you for your reply regarding some of the negative reviews from these car magazines.I have one other worry,would you know if there has ever been any problems with sooting deposits within the engine,I think the part is the EGR which on some diesels can soot up and cause failure if you don’t drive a diesel enough,have you any information on this and if this does happen how many miles a year should I do to avoid this sooting up or is there anything I can use to stop this happening.Thank you for any information you may have.

    1. Hello Janet
      Thanks for your post.
      With regard to the EGR valve, when soot enters the diesel particulate filter, it is then converted to ash at a high temperature to leave only a small ash residue and greatly reduced emissions so this complies with Euro 5 emission regulations. If the vehicle is used on motorway type runs, the exhaust temperature is high and this regeneration of soot to ash takes place more or less continuously. However, on shorter runs or stop/start driving, the exhaust temperature may not be sufficient to engage this regeneration process and this is where issues that you have read about can arise (build up of soot). In order to address this we have built into the software of the engine control unit (ECU) a process which adjusts the fuel injection timing, increasing the revs which in turn increases the exhaust temperature kick starting the regeneration process. This prolongs the life of the Diesel Particulate Filter and you will notice instances of the vehicle revs increasing, especially if you are in town and/or traffic or doing short journeys to combat this effect. If you let us know roughly how many miles a week you drive and type of roads (eg motorway, A Roads town driving etc) then we will have a further word with our tech team for you.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Toyota auris 2016 aura, whata disaster car from Toyota , all crackles squeaked from under dash, road noise in rain is unbearable, poor centre console light management – doesn’t dim enough at night so driver gets blinded badly.

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