MyToyota: The new, easy way to manage your Toyota on-line

We are celebrating the launch of  MyToyota, a free-to-use online portal that allows Toyota owners to better manage their vehicle’s servicing and maintenance.

All new Toyota owners will be introduced to MyToyota when they buy their car. However, existing owners can also make use of the site, which can be accessed via

The simple-to-use website also provides automatic reminders for key dates, such as servicing and MoT testing. Messages are delivered by text or email, depending on your preference. It’s more effective than scribbled notes stuck on the fridge door.

Registration also brings Toyota Rewards: regular offers and discounts specifically for Toyota owners provided by partner businesses such as Virgin Holidays, Ticketmaster and Superbreak.

Finally, users can select their preferred Toyota Centre and gain quicker access to Toyota’s on-line service booking system.

And as it recognises each vehicle uploaded to it through its registration number, MyToyota will present its specification and its full service history. It will also indicate which accessories are available if owners want to upgrade their car.

Where there’s more than one Toyota in the household, multiple vehicles can be registered to the same user account.


  1. Frankly, it’s a pretty badly-designed website. Right from the first page you get after you log in. (There’s a page with two buttons that says something like “OK, proceed” and “No, go back”. I’ve just logged in. And I didn’t ask a question. So why provide me with two possible responses to a question nobody asked? Just take me to the home page already!

    And that constant popup asking me if I want to chat – talk about annoying. Show it once (if at all) and then leave it as an option for the user to access if they want. Clearly some web developer thinks it’s tthe best feature ever, and therefore has to be thrust in the user’s face every 10 seconds or so. It was the web equivalent of a shop assistant constantly interruping your browsing to ask if you need any help.

    Other things I found poor were that it didn’t already know my car details. I’d just bought a new Auris. And the dealership had my email address (and set up the account.) So why wasn’t the car already there, associated with me by virtue of the email address being the same? There’s no security risk in doing so, since I needed to click on an activation link sent to my address, so you should know it’s really me. And why do I need to manually set reminders for services? You know when they’re due better than I do, so why not already have that in there based on the make and model?

    The journey planner is pretty poor. It picks a route for you, with no way to amend that route. Tough luck if there’s roadworks and you want to avoid an area.

    In the end, I just gave up and closed the account. There appeared to be no advantage to me in using the site. I’ll just call my dealership when my services are due instead.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t find the My Toyota portal helpful or easy to use. These comments are monitored and fed back to our team so we will make sure this is passed on. Many thanks.

  2. My 2012 yaris is asking me to connect to
    The website seem to have shut down or changed.
    But I cannot tell my sat nav this.
    How do I update the maps on my Toyota touch?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues. We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact details via the following link:


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