Vehicle stability control on Toyota Aygo

From launch in 2005, the Toyota Aygo city car offered vehicle stability control (VSC) as a cost option. VSC has never been standard on Aygo. Aygo has always had ABS as standard.

This specification was in line with similar models from competitors, including the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 built at the same factory as Aygo.

The customer take up of the VSC option was 0.01%.

Given this very low customer demand, from March 2012 Toyota deleted the option of VSC. The lack of VSC does not make Aygo ‘unsafe’ and Aygo continues to be competitive with other manufacturers of vehicles in this segment of the market.

However, the deletion of VSC as an option has led to concerns being raised by some consumer groups and so, in line with Toyota’s philosophy of listening to the voice of the customer, Toyota has reintroduced VSC as an option with immediate effect.

To summarise:

i) VSC has never been a standard feature on Toyota Aygo sold in the UK

ii) VSC was specified as an option by just 0.01% of Aygo customers prior to March 2012

iii) VSC is again an option on all grades of Aygo.

If you have any concerns regarding your Aygo, please contact your local Toyota Centre or contact us by clicking here.