Land Cruiser: The ultimate Toyota 4×4 SUV

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one vehicle that we think justly deserves the “legend” tag. Renowned the world over for its “go-anywhere” abilities, this 4×4 SUV boasts an unbroken heritage stretching back more than 60 years and global sales of over five million.

Toyota Land Cruiser

It’s perhaps no surprise that Diesel Car declared that today’s Land Cruiser “will cope with virtually anything you throw at it”, while the Fifth Gear team enthused “if the previous Land Cruiser was good in the wild, this latest one is superb”.

The 2010 Land Cruiser not only remains faithful to the built-in ruggedness of its predecessors, it utilises the latest user-friendly Toyota technology to help drivers tackle even more extreme conditions. More than that, this four-wheel drive off-roader is engineered for poised on-road performance, too.

Powered by either a 3.0-litre D-4D or 4.5-litre V8 D-4D engine, the Land Cruiser combines serious pulling power with smooth five and six-speed (V8 only) automatic transmissions. Performance can be adjusted to suit different types of off-road driving at the turn of a button, while miniature cameras feed the driver a real-time view of the terrain immediately around the vehicle.

The Land Cruiser’s exploits in deserts, frozen wastes and tropical jungles are the stuff of adventure movies – let us know what first-hand experiences you’ve had with this famously tough character in the comments section below.

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