Just in: translation

Sadly, it turns out that we jumped the gun slightly in Monday’s post, and fashionistas won’t be enjoying iQ clothes from SOMARTA just yet.

We set our Japanese contacts to work on translating SOMARTA’s press release. It reads something like this:

Toyota’s micro premium car, iQ, and SOMARTA have launched a collaboration art exhibition!

Toyota created the iQ as a pathway to the future, combining high performance and a micro-miniature body. Because the two brands both are synchronous in how they fight for a new sense of values, this collaboration has come about.

The ‘Microcosmos’ exhibit uses images, music and lighting to create a mysterious installation. The iQ’s bodyline colours have been changed and shine; everything from the steering wheel to the lettering has been crafted by SOMARTA for this single model to show a vision of how a car will look in 10 years time.

Combining the beautiful use of technology in the iQ and a fashion brand SOMARTA, former ideas of common sense and visual concepts are challenged to show unlimited possibilities for the future.

Still, we’ve now found a whole load of posts about the project, including this treasure trove of pictures.

Only last week, What Car? was speculating that customers would be able to personalise their iQ. We’re not sure this is quite what they had in mind.

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