James Martin proclaims Toyota Auris HSD a “British success story”

Toyota Auris HSD

One week is all it took for James Martin, chef, TV presenter and self-confessed petrolhead, to appreciate the benefits of Toyota’s newest full hybrid, Auris HSD.

Published in Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine and online, Martin reveals how he managed to cover more than 700 miles on single tank of petrol, leading him to recognise that “cars like this are the future.”

The fact that Auris HSD is built in Britain and “doesn’t shout about its green-ness” clearly strikes a chord with Martin – so much so he rounds off his review by saying “we should all go out and buy one.” That’s definitely a ringing endorsement for the latest addition to the Auris range!

To read more about his time at the wheel, click here. Of course, if you’re ready for your own Auris HSD test drive, click here to book a car at a Toyota Centre near you.

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  1. Yes,the Auris is a pretty car on the exterior along with its silly LEDs adorning the front.But the interior is much like the ordinary Auris.From day 1 the Prius was made especially as a Hybrid other models in Hybrid format are copies of the Prius success story.

    Along with Honda the Prius to the best of my knowledge are the only 2 cars made today that are intended to claim the Laurels.The price difference is negligable apposed to a Prius.The only real difference is that the Auris was designed and made for the European market and of course comes from our own GB factory.Wheras the Prius was designed in Japan and earmarked for the USA.

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