iQ reality – iQ puts in an appearance in augmented reality

Most of us have a fairly good grip on reality, and no-one with a penchant for nineties sci-fi films could be unaware of virtual reality: a totally computer-simulated environment.

And then there’s augmented reality, which aims to combine the two.

iQ might still be a rare sight on British roads, but there’s little doubt it exists. We’ve also spotted it in the Japanese virtual world meet-me, which just left augmented reality.

Until now.

Toyota’s created a 3D interactive version of iQ for the Toyota iQ augmented reality. If you’ve got a webcam, you can download the application and use it to explore the car.

Even if you haven’t, it’s worth taking a look at the demo.


  1. Hi Ignat,

    Before I take this to our technical guys, can you a) confirm that your system meets all the requirements – 1GB spare RAM, etc. and b) tell me exactly what happened when you tried the download?

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