iQ on Wallpaper

iQ’s not short of good reviews, but we’re pleased to see that interest isn’t just limited to the motoring press.

For Wallpaper, Jonathan Bell wrote up his experience of iQ and its Milan press launch.

Reflecting on iQ’s form he wrote:

As a piece of design the iQ is far more coherent than, say, a Fiat 500 or a MINI, if only because it hasn’t been burdened by stylistic spectres from the past.

Bell goes on to wonder if city dwellers might downsize to iQ from a far bigger car such as BMW’s X5, concluding:

We can see no reason why not…

The car is a delight, with almost everyone you need placed into an ultra-efficient package. It’s about time that elements of Japan’s Kei car culture started filtering through to the West, and the iQ is a great way to kick off the small-scale revolution.

Read the full review here.

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