Introducing the Toyota RAV4 Business Edition

Toyota has added a new RAV4 to its famous SUV range, the Business Edition. While the name makes the model’s target market clear, the wealth of equipment features and RAV4’s proven quality and reliability make the newcomer an appealing prospect for a much wider group of customers.

The standard specification is led by Toyota Touch 2 with Go, the latest development of Toyota’s touchscreen-controlled multimedia, connectivity and navigation system. This includes DAB digital radio, Bluetooth, a rear-view camera and access to on-line information and entertainment services, via Toyota’s customer portal.

A comfortable, relaxing drive is supported by cruise control and dual-zone climate control. Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers are provided, together with an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. Chrome trim on the front bumper adds a dash of style quality, while inside the cabin the seats are upholstered in smart black Beaumont fabric.

The features are all in addition to the Active grade specification, including 17-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, front fog lamps, power-adjustable door mirrors and a four-speaker audio system with USB and Aux-in connections.

A single version is available, powered by the flexible and efficient 2.0-litre D-4D diesel engine, with six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. Running costs are kept down with official combined cycle fuel consumption at 57.6mpg and 127g/km CO2 emissions. The Business Edition also secures the lowest insurance group rating in the RAV4 line-up at 25E.

The RAV4 Business Edition is on sale now, price £23,995 on the road – an increment of just £1,500 on the entry level Active model.

Elsewhere in the range, enhancements for 2015 include a fresh chrome finish for the RAV4 Active’s five-spoke 17-inch alloys and the addition of silver front and rear under-runs for the Invincible (these are finished in Pearl White where Pearl White body colour is specified).

New RAV4 owners also now have access to additional equipment options, including heated, leather front seats (Active, Business Edition and Invincible) and Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus, which adds extra functionality, voice command recognition and thee years of free map updates. The colour choices include a new Deep Titanium metallic.


  1. Hi Recently taken delivery of a Rav 4 Business Edition but have yet to find how to set the doors to automatically lock when I drive off. Previous 5-6 cars I have owned have all had this capability so I assume the Rav 4 does but cannot find how to set it

  2. Hello Adrian,
    Thank you for your post. This option is not available on the RAV4 Business Edition. Hope this helps clarify.

    1. Really – that’s really surprising as this technology has been standard for many years on Renaults, VWs and BMWs. Core safety item in town driving these days. Wish I’d asked the question before buying.

      1. Hi Adrian,
        Thank you for your reply. We have run this past our product team to double check and unfortunately this is unavailable across the RAV4 range. We hope you are enjoying your new RAV4. Many thanks.

      2. Hi David,

        Thanks for getting in touch. The 2016 RAV4 business edition isn’t available with smart entry and a power back door. However, these features are available on the business edition plus.


  3. Thats strange. I test drove a RAV 4 2016 Buisness Edition model yesterday and the doors locked automatically at about 5mph. It must be a new feature.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for your post. Yes, this is a new feature now available across all RAV4 2016 grades. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  4. Hi Folks,

    I bought a 2017 Rav 4 Excel in early 2018 for my wife.
    Having driven the car occasionally I have to say it is not what I expected from Toyota.
    It lacks programmability that I had on other makes of cars which were 10 years older that this £30,000 2017 Toyota.
    Examples are
    1. Door mirrors do not automatically fold in, you have to press a switch to fold in the door mirrors, I had a 2007 BMW 3 series that folded in the door mirrors when i remotely locked the car.
    2. The RSA (road sign alert) that reads the speed limits does not change automatically for MPH to KPH or from KPH to MPH when you cross borders. The speed on the Sat Nav adjusts when I cross borders so the car knows it is in a different country so why does the RSA not change?
    3. Talking of the Sat Nav, I recently had my RAV 4 serviced at my nearest Toyota dealer (this is where I bought the car) and I asked them about updating my Sat Nav map. Here is what I was told, ” it would take about 3 hours to down load the map front eh Toyota server, then it would have to be installed. We will load the map and call you back and update the map”. Never heard from them since.

    I checked on the Toyota web site today and it states
    “Click on ‘e-Store’, and then scroll down to access the ‘Maps’ section to view available updates for your system. Select an update to get more information on your update.

    Select the car to which the update applies, and click ‘Add to Basket’. If you haven’t yet linked your Toyota Touch 2 with Go system to your MyToyota account, the onscreen prompts will help you to do this.

    View your basket by clicking ‘Basket’ from the menu at the top of the page. From here, you can proceed through the checkout process, entering your details and choosing the most convenient payment method – either credit card or PayPal.”
    Do Toyota really expect people to pay for a Sat Nav Map up?

    I would like to hear what other customers who have purchased a RAV 4 think of the technology in their cars.

    Suffice to say, this RAV4 this will be the last toyota I buy.

    George .

  5. I have had problems on my 2017 rav gear change .I took it to Toyota and they had a look at it and adjusted something and still not great .They charged me approx £120. To do it .surely the 5 year warranty should cover that .also when is said it’s still no great they said that’s the way they are and can’t do anything about it .I previously had a vw I guarantee they would not have charged for that .

    1. Hi Colin, thanks for your comment.

      You are in the best care with your local Toyota dealership. All warranty claims need to be investigated on an individual basis by the dealership and we, therefore, cannot advise what will and will not be covered. The five-year warranty covers issues caused by a manufacturing fault. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gail,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Could you please provide us with your reg? We can then look into this for you.

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