Hypermiling the Toyota iQ – we need a plan

The advice you get about hypermiling – the art of getting as far as possible on as little petrol as possible – varies depending who you ask, but one thing seems consistent: you need a plan.

This, then, is ours. We’re picking up our iQ tomorrow (Monday 25 Jan), and will be setting off from Brighton on Tuesday morning. We’ll be splitting around 600 miles of driving into two days, and sharing the work between two drivers.

Day one (Tuesday 27 January)

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Day one’s route sees us head west out of Brighton, working our way along the coast to Southampton before we turn inland towards the cathedral city of Winchester. Then we’re cutting north west across Wiltshire into Somerset, before heading over the Severn for a brief spell in Wales.

Day two (Wednesday 28 January)

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From a probable overnight stop in Gloucester, we’ll duck into Herefordshire before setting our sights on the Midlands, and the closely-spaced cities of Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry. At somewhere around this point we’ll have covered 462 miles – the theoretical range of iQ with a full tank.

The journey south – and home – relies on our skill as hypermilers, then. Which could be interesting as neither driver has attempted anything like this before. We hope to at least make it to Oxford, city number 17, but if we’ve managed to beat iQ’s official 65.7mpg by a decent margin we might get as far as London – about 570 miles from where we started. We really don’t know what to expect.

You can follow our progress on this blog, where tomorrow we’ll explain the rules we’ve set ourselves. From tomorrow morning we’ll also be publishing regular updates on our Twitter, Flickr and YouTube streams.

We hope you’ll follow our progress!

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