Hypermiling the Toyota iQ – the rules

Some hypermilers go to great – and possibly unsafe – lengths to eke out the maximum miles per gallon, but we’re interested in what can be done safely by anyone.

When we set off tomorrow there’ll be two of us and some overnight baggage in the car. The only special preparation we’re doing is adding some stickers, inflating the tyres to their highest safe pressures and filling the fuel tank absolutely to the brim.

We’ve set ourselves a couple of rules:

• Driving slowly saves fuel, but our route includes motorways and A-roads where driving too slowly is dangerous. We’ll keep up a safe speed at all times.
• We’ll obey all road traffic rules, and respect red lights.
• Using car electrics can have a small impact on fuel consumption, but headlights and demisters are essential for safety, and SatNav’s a great hand for finding landmarks. We’ll use them all whenever necessary.

We’re aiming to get as far as we can on our single tank of fuel, but we’re not expecting to make it the 600-plus miles back to Brighton without a fill-up. We’re travelling with a spare petrol can for when we do finally run out – we promise we’ll tell you when we use it.

Read about the route we’ll be taking in Hypermiling the Toyota iQ – we need a plan.

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