Honest John honours Toyota Verso for best ‘real world mpg’ performance

Leading consumer motoring website Honest John has bestowed its Best Real MPG Performer title on the Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D in its 2016 awards.

During the past year, honestjohn.co.uk received more than 100,000 submissions from motorists about their cars’ fuel consumption, with owners of the flexible and frugal Toyota MPV reporting the best economy. According to honestjohn.co.uk, the figures recorded by Verso drivers averaged out higher than the car’s official combined cycle performance of 62.8mpg.

Editor Dan Harrison said: “The Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D is the UK’s best car for real world economy, with our Real MPG submissions showing it to match or exceed its official efficiency figures. That’s impressive when you factor in its large and practical interior.

“In our view, the Toyota Verso provides outstanding value, while its seven seats make it the default choice of families who want lots of everyday usability and sensible fuel bills.”

Fuel economy is not the only winning characteristic of Verso’s 1.6 D-4D diesel, the power unit also attracts low road tax bills thanks to its 119g/km CO2 emissions. With 110bhp and a maximum 270Nm of torque on tap from 1,750rpm, it offers plenty for smooth pulling power for a relaxing and comfortable drive when running with a full complement of passengers on board.

This year the Verso range gained the Toyota Safety Sense package of active safety features as standard equipment on all models. A new Design grade was added to the line-up, offered complete with the Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia and satellite navigation system, reversing camera, rear privacy glass and a fixed panoramic roof.


  1. I recently bought this model (2015 1.6l Diesel) and am getting a real MPG of 37mpg with mixed urban and motorway driving (and that is being careful to try and improve fuel economy). Official figures seem to claim this should be 62mpg … even for urban driving only they quote 53mpg. Is 37mpg abnormal? What should I be expecting and what is causing these low figures?

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you may be disappointed with the economy of the Verso. In independent tests such as with Honest John, the Verso has performed very well. We can only suggest that your mix of driving could be more heavily biased to urban journeys, which do not allow the engine to warm up fully and use the choke. What do you get on a run, James?

  2. We have a 2016 Verso 1.6d 4D (BMW engine!) It is returning under 40mpg in mixed urban and Motorway driving. We previously had 2 other Versos from new (2litre) 2D 4 D Toyota engine same journeys returned over 47mpg regularly. We had the cars for 3 years each and had no trouble with them. This car has had to have the EGR valve replaced. The engine of this car is disappointing, we frequently have to go down from 6th gear. Are the gear ratios right? Bring back a 2d 4d Toyota engine.

  3. Found this article interesting so I thought I’d drop in my experience with the petrol 1.8l Multidrive (automatic) in my 2017 Verso. My urban driving returns 40-41 mpg, whereas after long journeys on the open road I’ve had 53 mpg. These figures are the actual values calculated from filling the tank to the point the pump cuts out and I’ve repeated them many times. Granted, my urban driving is largely the same route over and over and I am a ‘defensive’ driver; rolling towards red lights, slow-moving traffic etc. I believe the vehicle can perform even better, as the car’s computer has reported over 60 mpg while cruising through long stretches of 40 mph restrictions on the motorway. N.B. this does appear to be one of those vehicles that gets its best economy at about 35-40 mph and not at 55-60 mph. Best advice? Keep your tyres properly inflated and don’t drive more than 60 mph!

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