Hat-trick of awards for Toyota’s environmental leadership

Nineteen years and four generations since its launch, the Toyota Prius continues to set the benchmark for environmental motoring. The performance of the latest version of the world’s best-selling hybrid car has helped Toyota secure three green-focused awards within a fortnight, success that also reflects the impact of the technological breakthrough achieved by the zero emission Mirai hydrogen fuel cell saloon.

Toyota Prius

Today, review website Carbuyer has named Prius as its Best Economical Car, acknowledging how the Toyota’s fuel economy and low emissions have a direct and positive impact on owners’ day-to-day running costs. Editor Stuart Milne said: “Few cars offer better mpg figures than the Toyota Prius, which is capable of a remarkable 94.2mpg in ideal conditions. Out in the real world, figures of 70-80mpg should be easy to achieve, numbers that were unthinkable just a few short years ago.

“Away from those figures, there’s still much to praise the Prius for: it’s comfortable, well priced and, if you choose a model with 15-inch wheels, it’s exempt from the London Congestion Charge.”


Carbuyer’s opinion reflects the fact that new Prius has achieved the greatest improvement in fuel and emissions efficiency of any generation of the model. It is a leap forward proved in real-world performance as well as the mandatory controlled testing that sets the car’s official data.

Meanwhile, GreenFleet has named Toyota its Fleet Car Manufacturer of the Year, winning what it revealed was the most competitive category in its 2017 awards. Colin Boynton, GreenFleet Events Manager, said: “Toyota has come back with a bang and thrust itself into the forefront of fleet managers’ thinking when it comes to fuel efficiency on a mass scale. With hybrid derivatives across the range and a hydrogen offering now, too, it is a worthy winner of the award.”


Toyota’s strong appeal to fleet operators and company car buyers is built on a foundation of tax-efficient hybrid models available in attractive, key market segments, including the Yaris supermini, Auris hatchback and Touring Sports wagon, new Prius, the seven-seat Prius+ and, most recently, the RAV4 hybrid SUV. The introduction of Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car to the UK adds further weight to Toyota’s commitment to developing advanced technologies to deliver even greater environmental rewards.

Mirai distance test 06

Completing the exceptional run of awards success, the international impact of new Prius is reflected in its selection as Green Car of the Year in the Women’s World Car of the Year awards. Prius emerged the winner based on the professional opinions of a panel of international female motoring journalists who assessed the qualities of hundreds of new cars according to the criteria considered most important by women motorists and car buyers.

Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB President and Managing Director, said: “It’s a genuine honour to have received each of these awards, not least because they provide independent recognition of the global efforts Toyota is making to develop cars that aren’t just kinder to the environment, but which meet people’s preferences for cars that are also practical, have lasting quality and are genuinely enjoyable to drive. That’s all part of our commitment to make ever-better cars, right across the board.”


  1. I have a new Prius on order, it will be my fourth Hybrid in a row over the past 12 years. The UK tax changes make little sense in light of the latest pollution reports but in my experience wheel and tyre’s have a significant affect on mpg and emissions and cost of ownership. However I have not been able to test drive a new Prius on 15″ wheels as dealers do not have them. In my experience 17″ wheels loose about 10 mpg. They will put cars of the same trim in different tax brackets from March and, because of increased emissions will not be exempt from congestion charges. Why do the dealers not stock them on 15″, recommend them, and sell to their strengths? Toyota do not hide these facts, but there is a large choice of attractive 17″ wheels but only one for 15″ and no 16″ choice. Big wheels and low profile tyres may be the fashionable with inexperienced drivers but it is just style over substance.

  2. Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry you haven’t been able to test drive a Prius with 15″ wheels. We’ll pass your feedback regarding this on to the relevant department.

    As you rightly said, the smaller wheel does have a positive effect on fuel consumption and emissions. The 15″ wheel has a combined mpg of 94.1, whereas the 17″ has a combined mpg of 85.6. Emissions from the 15″ wheel are 70g/km, whereas 17″ is 76g/km. Under the new car tax regulations, vehicles registered before 31st March will continue to be taxed under current tariffs. It’s only vehicles registered from 1st April that will be subject to the new tax bands.

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