Follow a ‘Unique Flow’ inspired by the Toyota C-HR concept

Toyota has partnered with digital artists FIELD to create Unique Flow, a generative artwork experience that takes users on a luminous interactive journey through minimal architecture and spatial drawings. Every user becomes an artistic collaborator, with each press of their keyboard triggering an audio-visual event.

Every user becomes an artistic collaborator

The Unique Flow website offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with creative digital artists and create one-off pieces of art to share. Every frame is a composition of minimal urban spaces and elegant calligraphic lines, driven by the user’s interaction. As you travel through the digital space it changes colour, mood and sound in a continuous flow.

Unique Flow 02

The more the art is engaged with, the richer the experience becomes

Pushing the boundaries of computer-generated design, the art involves a continuous forward movement through an evolving environment. Its atmosphere shifts every moment as sounds and visual impressions flash by and perspectives change, conveying the sense of driving in a city. The lights, mood and colour palettes have been derived from the visual impressions of urban environments, by day and by night. The more the art is engaged with, the richer the experience becomes, as every key press makes the flow more active.

The collaboration between FIELD and Toyota celebrates the debut of Toyota’s new crossover based on the C-HR concept, which will be fully revealed at the Geneva motor show on 1 March. The elegant calligraphic lines of the artwork trace the features of the C-HR.

Unique Flow 03

Marcus Wendt, Creative Director from FIELD commented: “We wanted to create a sensual experience that is always in flux. It pulls you into its flow; it has a continuous energy that carries you forward.”

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