Engine oil: What oil for my Toyota?

The right grade of oil is vital to keep your Toyota’s engine working at its best. The vehicle specification chapter in the owner’s manual will confirm the right grade for your car and your region.

Engine oil isn’t something you want to compromise on. Using the right lubricant keeps your engine running smoothly and preserves the life of its components. In fact, using the wrong grade of oil could be a costly mistake.

That’s especially true for diesels, which are very sensitive to the wrong grade. The wrong grade of lubricant can cause the Diesel Particulate Filter to fail, which could land you with a four-figure repair bill.

Engine oil: what the digits mean

There are a lot of numbers, letters and jargon surrounding engine oil, which can make finding the right grade confusing.

Essentially, you need to use oil that is the recommended viscosity. This is the ‘thickness’ of the oil and is usually displayed prominently on the packaging. A high viscosity oil will be more treacle-like in consistency, whereas a low viscosity oil is thinner and more free-flowing. Modern Toyota engines generally use low viscosity oils as they reduce friction within the engine, cut down on wear and tear and contribute to better fuel economy.

The following table displays the recommended oil specification
for all current Toyota models and engine types.

GR Yaris0W-20
Yaris Cross0W-8
Toyota C-HR0W-16
RAV4 Plug-in0W-16
GR Supra0W-20
Prius Plug-in0W-16
Land Cruiser (all)0W-30
Hilux (all)0W-30
Proace (all diesels)Please refer to your local Toyota centre
Proace Verso (all)Please refer to your local Toyota centre

Engine oil: older Toyota models

The following table displays the recommended oil specification
for the most frequently requested older Toyota models and engine types.

Aygo First-gen / 2005-2014 1.0-litre petrol 0W-20 or 5W-30 
Yaris First-gen / 1999-2005 1.3-litre petrol 5W-30 
Yaris Second-gen / 2006-2009 1.3-litre petrol 5W-30 
Yaris Second-gen / 2009-2011 1.33-litre petrol 0W-20 
Yaris Third-gen / 2011-2017 1.33-litre petrol 0W-20 
Corolla Ninth-gen / 2000-2006 All petrol and diesel 5W-30 
Auris First-gen / 2007-2012 1.6-litre petrol 5W-30 
Avensis Second-gen / 2003-2009 1.8-litre petrol 5W-30 
Avensis Second-gen / 2003-2009 2.0-litre diesel 5W-30 
Avensis Third-gen / 2009-2018 1.8-litre petrol 5W-30 
Avensis Third-gen / 2009-2018 2.0-litre diesel 0W-30 
right oil for toyota engine

How a specialist can help

If in doubt, seek help from your local Toyota centre. Our trained technicians and service advisors know Toyota cars inside out, and will be able to advise on the correct oil for your vehicle and maintenance schedule (Proace and Proace Verso). Toyota Genuine Motor Oil has been specifically formulated for use with our engines. You can’t buy better oil for your Toyota.

Whether you replace the engine oil yourself or ask a Toyota centre to do it for you, a regular oil change at the specified mileage or time is important. Even long-life oils become less effective over time, as the repeated cycles of heating and cooling steadily degrades the oil’s properties.

Your local Toyota centre isn’t the only place where you can buy Toyota Genuine Motor Oil. Head over to our eBay store and you can order oil to be delivered to your home or office. Wherever you buy your Toyota Genuine Motor Oil from, using the right grade is vital to preserve the performance, economy and reliability of your car.


  1. I agree ,the right grade of engine oil is vital to keep your Toyota’s engine working at its best. Your car’s handbook will confirm the right grade for your car.

  2. Hello to all . I have small question ? Just got Avensis 2006 . Change oil in the engine . But chose 10W40 after I read recommendation and it should be 5W30 wil that be critical for the engine ? Should I change it now with engine flushed or I can do this at nest service ? I have 1.6 petrol car not sure the engine marking

  3. Hi Lev,
    Thanks for getting in touch. 5W30 is the preferred oil for your vehicle. However, as long as the oil you are using is API grade SJSL then your engine oil is fine. We would advise using 5W30 when you have your next service. Many thanks.

  4. Hi All,

    Useful article and comments. I am still confused as to whether semi or fully synthetic oil is correct for a 2014 diesel Yaris. I haven’t come across any info as to whether this is covered by the grade codes or indeed if the two can be mixed, for example if you run short of one can you do minor top ups with the other. I believe that I should use 5W-30 Semi. Hope that you can help.


    1. Hi Neil,
      Thanks for getting in touch with Toyota UK. All Oil information should be in the Owners Manual for your vehicle. You can find the owners manual on the My Toyota portal and all information should be around page 475. Many thanks.

  5. Hi! I have a toyota allex, petrol, engine model 1NZ, 1496cc, man.year 2001

    My engineer insists that the correct engine oil is 15W but i read that the best is 10W.

    can you please advise which is the correct oil? Thank you

    1. Hi Evie,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, because we don’t sell this model in the UK we do not hold information regarding engine oil. We would have to recommend contacting a country which sells this model. Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. Hey
    Last month i bought a used toyota corolla. 2002 model, automatic,petrol.1.5.
    I am not sure about the model though as i do not understand much about cars. I have no manual for the car 🙁
    The engineer put 5W30 oil but i am not sure if this is the correct oil. I currently work in UK and i will leave for 3 months in the summer and i intend to take it with me for the summer holidays. In my country the weather is hot. Reaches 40celcious!! What oil i should use in summer? Is 5W30 for now?

    I will appriciate it very much if you can help me on this.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Jim,
      We’ve spoken with our technical department and they have advised that 10W40 oil would be better for hot weather over a long period of time. Many thanks.

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