Toyota Mirai: Europe’s first customers speak out

The Toyota Mirai represents a new age of sustainable mobility, using a combination of fuel cell and hybrid technologies to power the car, while producing zero emissions in use.

But what is it like to own and drive a Toyota Mirai on a daily basis? In order to find out, we conducted video interviews with the first European owners. This is what they had to say about the experience.

Nikolaus Schües, Germany: “You drive as you fly.”

Theo Etru-Ellis, UK: “It’s fantastic to drive.”

Mikael Sloth, Denmark: “I can drive anywhere.”

Olivier Weinmann, Germany: “It’s fun to drive.”

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  1. 1)Tojota Mirai’s fuell cell stack costs about 11000, it “shoud” last cars lifetime.
    Manufacturing of fuell cell stack needs platinium.

    2)Hydgoren can be usefull when solar energy needs storage.
    A 100% efficient electrolyser requires 39 kWh of electricity to produce 1 kg of hydrogen.
    The devices today require as much as 48 kWh/kg.

    3)Guess how long journey you can drive with 48kwh (electric car) and how much with 1 kilo of hydgoren (Mirai) ?

    4) Only advance is that if you happened to find hydrogen-station, filling your car up takes only minutes.SO if you need to drive hundreds of kilometers daily, hydrogen car might be okay to you.

    5) Mirai’s price is so high that you can get long range e-car, so why bother.

    1. Hi Teppo,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Whilst hydrogen technology is not suitable for everyone, there are plenty of real-world examples of our Mirai in action that highlight its necessity as a fuel source of the future.
      For example, Green Tomato cars and their fleet of 27 Mirai vehicles have driven over one million zero-emission miles in and around London, with each Mirai saving the equivalent of 7.6 tonnes of C02 over this distance:

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