Classic Car Day – are you taking part?

Will you be travelling to work in a classic car tomorrow?

Chris Evans, Radio 2’s breakfast show DJ, has declared tomorrow (Friday April 4th) National Classic Car Day – and we can’t wait to see Toyota owners taking part.

The idea behind the event is to celebrate interesting, beautiful and downright cool cars from the past – so if you own a classic car, then you should drive it tomorrow and donate some money to Children in Need. You can also take part by getting a lift from someone in their car and chipping in too. Classic car sharing – what could be better?

We will be taking part by driving some of the stars of our heritage fleet in to the Toyota GB head office in Surrey.

If you’re getting involved, don’t forget to take a picture and share it with us on Twitter @ToyotaGB or on the ToyotaUK Facebook page.

And remember, it’s all about raising some cash for charity, so don’t get hung up on whether your car fits the bill or not – if you love it, join in! After all, class is in the eye of the beholder…


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