Carpool video special: Hybrid mythbusting with Robert Llewellyn and the Toyota Prius


Regular viewers of the Carpool TV series will know that Robert Llewellyn is very much at home in his car, the full hybrid Toyota Prius. But how much do you know about Toyota’s flagship hybrid, and is everything you’ve heard true?

Does the Prius need special fuel?

Are hybrid cars slow?

Is the Prius only suitable for short journeys?

Robert answers these questions and more in the exclusive video above. Of course, if you’re a Prius or Auris Hybrid owner, you will probably already know the answers (try not to ruin the surprise for everyone else!).

Remember to tune into Dave every Thursday at 8:30pm for the latest episode of Carpool – click here to find out who’s next to take a ride in Robert’s Prius.

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