Calling aspiring automotive writers…!

Toyota GB has launched a scheme to give the next generation of aspiring automotive journalists the opportunity to showcase their work to new audiences.

Everyone in the Toyota UK media team is passionate about good automotive journalism, and an avid reader of car magazines and websites.

We believe that in an ever-changing media environment there must always be a place for the expert writer who can offer not only a great read but also informed and, crucially, independent advice to potential buyers.

So we’re offering those dreaming of a career in automotive media the chance to write for the Toyota GB blog. Thanks to a mix of stories from around the Toyota world, from crazy cars at American custom shows to practical help with your own car, our pages are read by a huge number of people.

Often stories and films we produce here in the UK are shared globally by Toyota colleagues across Europe, the USA and even in Japan.

We hope that by using our channels to highlight a handful of the best new writers who have not yet broken through we can help them take the next step in their careers.

Importantly, because we value automotive journalism, we will always pay aspiring authors for any work we publish. We are firmly against the practice of offering new writers exposure in return for their work. If we run it, we’ll pay for it, and at the same rate we pay established professional journalists when they write for us.

We’re trying to avoid too many rules, but here are the basics:

  • Articles don’t always need to be about Toyota vehicles (but they shouldn’t be specifically about anyone else’s either), although we’d rather they were. They must have a strong automotive element though.
  • You can write about anything you like: road trips, restorations, why more cars should be brown, design, motor sport, why you love a certain car; pretty much anything you think fellow car lovers will enjoy.
  • We are not commissioning writing, so please don’t get in touch with ideas. Instead completed articles should be submitted to us (details below) for consideration, please.
  • They should be around 500 words long, and certainly no more than 600. Good quality images are a real bonus, so please think about how your article might be illustrated; that will give it a greater chance of being published.
  • Like any publisher we may edit articles and, for legal reasons, we need copyright on pieces we publish on our own channels to be Toyota GB’s.
  • Finally, writers need to be over the age of 18, possess a valid UK driving licence and, crucially, must not be being paid to write for an established automotive publication or website.

Submissions should be sent to Toyota GB Editor Iain Reid, at

Please make sure to include a short note about who you are, why you’re submitting your article and all your contact details.

Finally, before writing an article we suggest having a look through the Toyota blog’s archives.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It seems to be very helpful for us. Toyota GB has launched a scheme to give the next generation of aspiring automotive journalists the opportunity to showcase their work to new audiences.

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