Beautiful Toyota Sports 800 reviewed


The Toyota Sports 800 was a lightweight, two-seater sports car that went on sale in Japan in 1965.

You could argue that the Sports 800 was the forerunner to all Toyota sports cars, from the 2000GT, to the AE86 right up to the Lexus LFA – or as the car enthusiast website Petrolicious calls it in a new video: the Forefather of Fun.

The 1967 Toyota Sports 800 featured in the video is owned by US car fan Scott Sylvester, who has one of the few left-hand drive Sports 800s in the States – only 300 left-hand drive models were made.

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Because of its sports car-grade performance and the detachable roof that gave easy access to open-top driving, the Toyota Sports 800 proved very popular.

The car also performed extremely well in motor sports, especially in long distance races where its reliability and fuel economy worked to its advantage. In the Fuji 24-hour race in 1967, a Toyota Sports 800 finished third after two Toyota 2000GTs.

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  1. Hello Matt
    We think that there are but would need to be confirmed. If anyone out there owns a Sports 800 please let us know!

  2. Thanks for your post.
    Thank you for getting in touch and great to hear about your working Sports 800. Is the car based here in the UK?

  3. We have one 1967. It is left hand steering wheel. It will need to be restored. We have all the parts but it isn’t running. Has been garaged and is in fair condition.

    1. Thanks for your post Rian.
      It is great to hear about your Sports 800. Is the car based here in the UK and what are your plans for it?

  4. Hi !
    I have a 1968 sport 800. It’s a LHD It will need to be restored and I search for parts.
    Anyone who knows about places where I can get used or OEM parts ?
    I’m grateful for any info .

  5. Hi Frank
    Thanks for your post.
    We have received a very similar comment previously and we are of course interested to know if there are any UK owners for this car. In terms of spares (OEM parts would no longer be in production) we suspect either Japan or the US would be best options. If we hear of any specialists we will be sure to reply on this Blog or if anyone is reading this who know please feel free to post.

  6. Hi there! my dad own a toyota sport 800. we are restoring it. but some of the parts are very difficult to find. especially the rubbers. totally worn out. do you know where to get ori rubbers for windscreen, thanks. based in Malaysia.

    1. Hi Raymee,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We would advise contacting your local Toyota dealer or Toyota in Malaysia. They should be able to provide the best advise!

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