Bangers4BEN mk II: two men, 1,500 miles and an L-reg Carina E


This week, Toyota’s very own Scott and his stepson Christian are taking part in the second Bangers4BEN Challenge. The premise is simple: a car must be bought for under £250, driven to John O’Groats and back, then sold at auction for as much as possible. The team that makes the most money over the purchase price wins, but there are no huge cash prizes here: all money raised will go to BEN, the automotive industry charity.

The team set off this morning in a fifteen-year-old Carina E (see below). We’ll post pictures, developments and the all-important results as they come through, but you can check out the team’s Car4BEN blog and follow Scott on Twitter for up-to-the-minute progress – he’s tweeting live from the road. You’ll also find updates on BEN’s own Twitter page.

(Oh, and for good measure, here’s the official Twitter page for Toyota GB and all things blog – do follow us too!)


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