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Auris HSD now live on

Toyota’s new hybrid star isn’t quite in Centre showrooms yet, but it’s already live on One click and you’ll find out the latest information about Auris Hybrid, discover more about the technology behind Hybrid Synergy Drive and have access to a brand new picture gallery.


We were definitely impressed with Auris Hybrid when we saw it in Geneva, and we’re more excited than ever now that it’s coming closer to home. If you’re as eager as us, why not sign up so you can receive the latest updates from Toyota as soon as they happen?


  1. I’m very interested in upgrading from my current Yaris to the Auris HSD.
    Initial prices look very expensive and not much cheaper than a Prius, is it because the Auris will have a lot more extras built onto the car that would normally be paid for extra’s on the Prius.
    The price list doesn’t really say much about what is included in the price. Will you be offering special launch pricing? :). I already have my name down at my local dealer

    1. Hi Jonathan

      Great to hear you’re interested in the new Auris Hybrid. We’re off to the press launch in Barcelona next week. If you’d like us to ask any questions on your behalf, please click here to submit them.

      Remember to check back regularly next week to find out the latest information about Auris Hybrid!

  2. Hi Dave,

    We’d love to tell you about extras that are available for Auris Hybrid, but full information about the car is being released at the press launch in Barcelona next week – we’ll be able to bring you all the answers you need about pricing and spec then.

    If you have any questions that you would like us to ask at the press launch, please submit them here.

  3. I am driving a Toyota Auris 2litr sr the performance is very good how will the Auris HSD compare I would love to change to the HSD I am asuming it is automatic like the Prius someting I am looking for in a new car.

  4. Hi again Dave,

    I’ve now spoken to the Brand Specialists who have confirmed that there is no seat heating option. To learn about all the options that are available – including a Bluetooth option for the T4, which I remember you mentioned previously – please check out our Auris Hybrid Q&A. Thanks.

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