Auris HSD: Everything you need to know


There’s no denying that the Auris HSD has proven to be a conversation starter, with many of you keen to know more about Toyota’s newest full hybrid far in advance of its UK launch earlier this year.

We’ve tracked down many of the answers for you already – click here to see the Auris HSD FAQ posts we created fresh from our time at the Barcelona press launch.

We haven’t stopped there, though. The new Auris HSD section at contains all of the most frequently asked questions, as well as pricing information, video reviews and more. However, if you can’t find the answer you need, or you’re still a little unsure about full hybrid technology, submit your question below and we’ll find out the information for you.

Whether you’ve owned other hybrids before, or are thinking about making Auris HSD your first hybrid car, we look forward to answering your questions.


  1. I have placed an order with Toyota Franchised dealer locally to buy 62 Registered September 2012 Prius T Spirit with 570 miles on clock. The Car has stood idle over the Forecourt for last 13 months. As the car has NOT run for over a year,I am NOT sure about the state of its Hybrid Battery. Should I ask the dealer to replace NEW Hybrid battery to avoid problem after sale? I will really appreciate your comments & advice ASAP- Picking up Prius on Thursday 19th instant. Thanks.

    1. Hello Dr Anjum
      Thanks for contacting us.
      To help reassure you, Prius uses extremely reliable hybrid technology and we still have Prius on the road today that were the first generation models introduced back in 2000 with original hybrid system batteries still operational. We are global leaders in this technology and having now sold more than 5 million hybrid vehicles worldwide for more than ten years we, and our customers, can vouch for their proven reliability. However in the unlikely event of a part failure and to help provide peace of mind, the Prius carries an eight year or 100,000 mile warranty cover on the hybrid components which includes the batteries and the cost will be covered for manufacturing defects. Here is a link to more details about the warranty on a Prius. There is even the option to purchase extended warranties beyond this period through your Toyota dealer. Hope this has helped provide the reassurance for you and that you soon enjoy the benefits of hybrid ownership.

  2. I’m the owner of a 2009 Prius T spirit, a great car which changed the way I drive making it safer. One question when i close the doors and leave the lights on should I get a warning alarm?

    1. Hi Angus
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your Prius.
      The warning buzzer will sound if you go to get out the car and have left the lights on. It will not sound if the light switch is set to auto though. In this case the lights will just go out automatically.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks David I thought that should be the case but it isn’t what is happening so I think I have a fault. Should a 2008 t spirit have a sensor alarm also?

    1. Hi Angus
      Just to check that this occurs when you switch off all the power to the car and open the door with the lights on that no buzzer sounds? If so would be worth contactijng your local dealer. Any problems locating one please let us know.

  4. Bought 2nd hand Auris T-Spirit – now just over 3 years old.

    In the 2 months I’ve had it the alarm has gone off in the middle of the night three times, each for no apparent reason.

    Why?? Hoe do I make it stop???

    1. Hello Mark
      Thanks for you post and sorry to hear about the alarm on your Auris.
      Best option would be for your nearest Toyota dealer to take a look at this for you as it can be difficult to diagnose such issues online. If you are not sure where they are then you can enter your postcode on the attached link.
      Hope this helps.

  5. We have two manual vehicles, and an ex demonstrator Verso Ixo automatic.
    I have always driven Automatics , ( from our first, a1968 V8 ) using left foot braking, and I note Honest John of ” The Daily Telegraph ” motoring pages recommends this. There is less reaction time than transferring the right foot in emergency, and much finer control for parking , especially on a gradient.
    However, most new Automatics ( Verso included ) inhibit the accelerator if there is the slightest touch of the left foot on the lost motion of the brake pedal. It makes for very frustrating driving.
    I suspect this is linked to some anti emission plan.
    link the brake pedal to the ECU by a brake fluid pressure switch rather than a movement switch.

  6. I’ve got a 2014 auris hybrid and on the ‘charge, eco and power’ gauge the needle is supposed to turn red when it enters into the power section. Mine used to do this but now doesn’t – is this a fault?

  7. I’ve brought a 2010 Auris Hybrid T Spiirt. It has DAB button but I can’t seem to get/find DAB radio? Is DAB standard in this spec or is it an optional extra? How will I know?

    1. Hi Jay, the 2010 Auris Hybrid T Spirt didn’t have DAB fitted as standard however it can be retro fitted by your Toyota dealer. We recommend speaking to them directly if you’d like to have DAB fitted, they’ll be able to advise on costings too. To find your local Toyota dealer visit: Hope this helps!

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