2020 Toyota C-HR: all the new details

The popular Toyota C-HR SUV has received a raft of important updates for 2020, including a choice of two hybrid powertrains, a new multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and revised chassis settings.


2020 Toyota C-HR: hybrid powertrains

Following in the footsteps of its Corolla cousin, the new 2020 Toyota C-HR will benefit from a choice of two hybrid powertrains. Joining the existing 1.8-litre hybrid system is a new, more powerful, 2.0-litre hybrid so customers can choose the powertrain that best suits their driving style. Power outputs and emissions for each variant are listed below.

PowerNEDC dataWLTP data
1.8-litre hybrid120bhpFrom 86g/kmFrom 109g/km
2.0-litre hybrid182bhpFrom 92g/kmFrom 118g/km

Dynamic upgrades include modified electronic power steering tuning for improved steering feel. The 2.0-litre hybrid also benefits from a new suspension design that improves ride comfort while retaining the Toyota C-HR’s excellent handling capabilities. All variants also feature an upgraded package to further reduce cabin noise.


2020 Toyota C-HR: connectivity

The 2020 Toyota C-HR includes a new multimedia system that upgrades the vehicle’s connectivity. This system now allows full smartphone integration and offers the latest versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while also supporting ‘over the air’ updates so customers can rely on the latest versions of European road maps.


2020 Toyota C-HR: design

The new 2020 Toyota C-HR remains true to the visual identity which has made it such a success, its coupe-like lines creating a bold style that continues to stand out. Both the front and rear have received detailed attention, bringing added refinement to the shape, while a colour-coordinated lower lip reinforces a strong, wide and elevated stance.

Front lights are upgraded to premium LED technology, with the daytime running lights and indicators combined into one frontal projector that emits a single smooth line above the main beam. At the rear, the new combination lights are connected by a gloss black spoiler creating a single clean shape.


2020 Toyota C-HR: prices

The Toyota C-HR has been a smash hit in the UK with a combination of engaging driving dynamics, hybrid efficiency and standout design, which has helped the SUV gain an impressive 8.3% segment share.

Prices in the UK for the new 2020 Toyota C-HR start from £25,625 for the entry-level Icon model. Customers may then choose from Design, Excel and Dynamic grades, all available with either 1.8- or new 2.0-litre hybrid powertrains. The range-topping Orange Edition (seen in these images) rounds off the line-up.

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  1. Hi Az,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Entune is only available in the US and can’t be added through a third party. For connected services in the UK we offer the MyT app. At this time this doesn’t offer remote start, however we are constantly working to improve our connected services offering.

    Regarding the MPG, the C-HR is performing as expected under the WLTP test procedure. The combined figures for the 1.8L ranges from 54.32 MPG to 58.85 MPG and for the 2.0L ranges from 49.56 MPG to 54.32 MPG.


  2. I was wondering why the C HR in the UK is so much cooler looking than the one in the United States???????

    1. Hi Mattias,

      Thanks for your message. We think they’re both pretty great looking! Different markets may choose different spec to suit their customers so for more details on this we would recommend contacting Toyota in your region.


  3. Does the new c-hr 2000 tell you how many miles per gallon I am getting on the fuel gauge thanks

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes it does, it is shown on the instrumental panel behind the steering wheel. You may need to ‘scroll’ across if it doesn’t appear on the first page.


  4. I was told by my employer that my tax payments would be lower when i switched from a Mercedes B180 to a Toyota C-HR
    and the Toyota would be better for the environment
    I then discover that the co2 emissions for CHR is 110 whereas the B180 is 104
    Is the diesel B180 really better for the environment than a hybrid if so what is the point of the hybrid
    Also I see on some literature that emissions for CHR are 86!!!!

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment.
      The testing procedure for emissions figures has recently changed from NEDC to WLTP, and both tests produce different figures. The figures you gave us for the Mercedes-Benz B180d are from the old NEDC test, whereas the C-HR figures you gave us are from the WTLP test, meaning that they cannot be compared. Using the WLTP figures for both cars, C-HR produces from 110-118 g/km depending on the specification and the Mercedes-Benz B180d produces from 118-140 g/km, also depending on the specification.


  5. Hello
    Can anybody tell me where the C HR’s are built?
    The dealer told me they are built in Japan

    1. Hi Ion,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We hope you’re enjoying your C-HR!
      Navigation is standard on every grade of C-HR apart from Icon, and this cannot be retrofitted to the Icon grade.
      However, the Icon grade does come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning that maps can be used in your car through your smartphone.

    2. My Orange Launch Edition came without navigation. Brochure was saying something else, but there was always a huge confusion between what’s being sold in Ireland Vs UK.
      Do not bother to ask or pay for navigation! You’d confuse Toyota even more and you don’t actually need it!
      Most if not all 2020 models have Android Auto or Apple connectivity and that’s leagues above any manufacturer build in navigation.

      Yeah, there are some options that don’t work, manual is not that helpful, but that’s the only drawback!

      Nothing to regret! Cheaper and much better to buy a phone that supports AA or Apple Car!

    1. Hi Juan,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The model year 20 C-HR comes in Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic and Orange Edition grades.
      As specifications can differ between markets, we would recommend contacting the Toyota distributor in your region for further help with your query.

  6. Hi

    Can anyone tell me when the C-HR in blach will be in stock as ordered one and don’t even know when its coming in stock ??

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We are in the process of selling the remaining 2020 C-HR stock.
      Once these have been allocated, more information regarding the 2021 C-HR will be revealed.
      We hope to get your black C-HR to you as soon as we can.
      Have a lovely Christmas!

  7. Hi, I ordered and Excel trim car just before xmas and was told delivery was probably going to be March. I’ve no problem with that but can you tell me if it will be any different to the model now? My dealer seems to think it will have some sort of noise warning on it to alert pedestrians at low speeds and some modifications to meet new pollution rules.

    Also, why is the Excel trim so limited in its colours to such a boring range!! They are not colours, just shades of grey and black and white. So, so boring!! Or alternatively, why is the heated steering wheel only available or the Excel (Didn’t want Orange as it’s a 2ltr engine – too big for city driving). The heated steering wheel is important due to medical reason affecting my hands, so not an option to choose anything other. It was a close contest between the CHR and the Kona, which had more gadgets like a HUD and chilled seat, but the styling and drive of the CHR won. Just a shame there was no choice of COLOUR or the bi-tone roof.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, your C-HR is likely to have the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Warning Alert). This is to provide pedestrians with an acoustic warning when the vehicle is in EV mode, but it cannot be heard from within the car. The pollution element you mentioned comes in the form of ensuring the vehicle is RDE2 compliant which are new regulations.

      We appreciate your feedback on the grading system also. Essentially, each grade offers slightly different options and some of those features can be purchased as additional options on other grades. We’ll pass your suggestions on this along to our product team.


  8. Hi Toyota UK, thanks for your response.

    Re the RDE2, is this for any cars delivered after Jan 1, or for when the contract is signed? So since I signed in December, but the car not arriving until March, will my car be RDE2 compliant? Given this has been known for a couple of years, it shouldn’t have any impact on delivery times should it?

    Re the colour choice on trims, your comments tell me what I already know, not why the Excel trim was limited to the monochrome set. Surely someone at Toyota must have come up with a decision as to they were only going to provide and extremely limited set of colours to this trim level. Or alternatively, why a heated steering wheel option wasn’t available to buy on the other options? It can’t be that difficult surely? In this day of customisation, there seems to be very limited choice.

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