2019 Toyota RAV4: UK grade structure and pricing

The all-new fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 becomes exclusively a self-charging full hybrid model. Built on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, it offers a 2.5-litre powertrain that delivers a strong combination of power, performance and high fuel and emissions efficiency.

Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models will be available, the latter being an intelligent system with much greater on- and off-road capabilities than the current RAV4 Hybrid. As an electric-powered system, it is lighter and more compact than mechanical all-wheel drive, yet can achieve the same level of torque output.

Learn more: 2019 Toyota RAV4 powertrains and performance

First customer deliveries commenced in April 2019, with deliveries of AWD-i models beginning in May 2019.

2019 Toyota RAV4: grades and equipment features

Icon17-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, dusk-sensing headlights, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, push-button start, roof rails, parabola LED headlights, rear privacy glass, electronic parking brake, power-adjustable heated door mirrors with auto-folding function, Toyota Touch 2 with eight-inch multimedia touchscreen, seven-inch TFT driver’s multi-information display, DAB, Toyota Safety Sense 2, E-Call, rear-view camera
DesignAdditional features: 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, smart entry, power back door, front parking sensors, satellite navigation
ExcelAdditional features: Projector LED headlights, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, power door mirrors with auto-folding function and puddle lights, heated front seats, driver’s seat with power adjustment and lumbar support and memory function, full leather seat upholstery, heated steering wheel, headlight cleaners, windscreen wiper de-icer

Options: JBL nine-speaker premium sound system, packaged with a Panoramic View Monitor and an opening panoramic roof

DynamicAdditional features: Black 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front sports seats, bi-tone metallic paint, black interior headlining

Options: JBL nine-speaker premium sound system, packaged with a Panoramic View Monitor and an opening panoramic roof

The new RAV4 is available in nine body colours. Selected Dynamic grade models can be specified with a bi-tone finish consisting of a black roof and pillars. The leather seat upholstery in Excel grade models can be specified in one of three colour ways.

All models are equipped with the enhanced functions of our second-generation Toyota Safety Sense system.

2019 Toyota RAV4: powertrains and prices

Icon2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£29,635
Design2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£31,190
Design2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£33,430
Excel2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£33,610
Excel2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£35,850
Dynamic2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£34,400
Dynamic2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£36,640



  1. Hi Bob,

    No country in Europe has Apple CarPlay on the RAV4 at the moment; it’s not just the UK. Yes, some other specification is not present on UK cars, but each market is different. We’re sorry if this disappoints you, but we hope it doesn’t put you off the hugely popular RAV4.


  2. I have seen this answer before, But there is no reason for why this was left out of the spec? Almost every YouTube review talks about this and these must have been set up by Toyota PR. In a worldwide market this does set the expectation that this would be part of the package. Granted most european Articles question why it is not standard and there is not answer there.

    Added to this I find that the Lane Departure warning causes a weave if left to its own devices and wonder if this will be getting a software update as well to make it more supportive in a guidance roll rather than another emergency beeping noise in the cockpit which I ended up switching off.

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll pass it to the product team for consideration. The Lane Trace Assist and Lane Departure Warning systems are designed as a safety aid. Drivers should not rely solely upon these systems. The LTA system does not automatically drive the vehicle or reduce the amount of attention that must be paid to the area in front of the vehicle. The driver must always assume full responsibility for driving safely by paying careful attention to the surrounding conditions and operating the steering wheel to correct the path of the vehicle.


  3. Delighted with my 2019 RAV4 Design AWD. It is only let down by the lack of Apple CarPlay. Why was this not added as standard? After all it is 2019!! Is there a software update in the pipeline that will add Apple CarPlay, bringing it up to the level of its competitors?

    1. Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t have any new information to reveal at this time. But, there will be announcements regarding smartphone integration soon.


      1. Will it also support Android auto so I can use a FREE navigation navigation app that can prompt direction changes before rather than after the junction and have a working radio via internet streaming as the radio is absolutely atrocious.

        The SatNav & Radio should be spec’d as an option on ALL grades so I could of NOT paid for something that simply doesn’t work.

        For what the SatNav/Radio costs I could of bought a large screen andriod phone with 3 years unlimited broadband and have a working SatNav and Radio.

      2. Hi Steve,

        Thanks for getting in touch. As mentioned, we don’t have any new information to reveal at the moment regarding smartphone integration. As soon as we have updates, they will be shared across our blog and social channels.


  4. Absolutely ridiculous to not have CarPlay
    Toyota are miles behind what all the other manufacturers are doing
    See they have it in the US though

  5. We just took delivery of a the Rav4 Excel… and loving it.
    Listed on the spec on this page and in the brochure is “power door mirrors with auto-folding function and puddle lights”. Does anyone know how to activate the puddle lights? There is no mention in the instruction manual on how to switch them on and we can find nothing in the various/numerous settings screens in the car either.

      1. It’s OK I think we figured it out last night. The puddle lights only seem to come on if you are holding the key fob and standing next to the doors. It would have been helpful though if that info had been included in the instruction manual somewhere to avoid confusion.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve taken a look at the link and can see you’ve listed a number of issues you are having with the Sat Nav. Would you like us to put you in touch with our customer relations team?


      1. I have spoken to the multimedia team and all they have said is that as it doesn’t work in the same way every unit doesn’t work then that’s by design.

        I do not know how customer relations can claim because it doesn’t work for anybody there’s nothing wrong.

        Clearly there are problems with the touch 2 with go cy17 multimedia system 8″ screen.

        Please raise this issue with the UK directors, Europe directors and head office in Japan.

        Clearly Toyota do not do extensive testing in target markets in normal conditions.

      2. Whilst I share some of the comments and issues detailed by Steve, I am learning to live with the general “quirky” nature of the navigation system.(If I am in the wrong place for these questions then kindly redirect this post.)
        Two issues that do annoy me are:
        1) after successfully entering a destination and asking the system to calculate it comes up with 3 options, fast, short and eco. However I have found no way to keep these on the screen long enough for me to make an informed decision. After about 3 seconds, the options disappear and the system makes the choice for you.
        2) If you change your mind and no longer want a particular route guidance, I have found no way to cancel it other than to mute the voice and turn the display off.
        Please don’t tell me to install the latest updates as the file sizes are so great that my internet would be tied up for days. I am told I need a 16 Gb USB and possibly a 32 Gb for the RAV 2109v2 map. Can you imagine downloading a file of that size in rural Scotland with 2Mbps a decent speed on a good day? I have asked your dedicated multimedia advisers if the download could be provided in any other way and have been told because of the unique code aspect, this cannot be done. I feel sure you could provide the files to the dealers or to owners by post on a USB and send the code separately. Is this too much to ask? We also have an Auris and that requires a different but just as large update file.
        At the moment the hassle involved in installing updates twice a year on two cars is too much to contemplate. Surely the updates should be incremental and not a total re-installation?

      3. Hi Chris,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us. We will email you directly regarding putting you in touch with our multimedia team who will be able to discuss your queries in more detail.


      4. Hi there,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We currently have no new updates to share regarding Apple CarPlay. We are working on smartphone integration for models in our range, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto currently available in Aygo and new C-HR.


      5. The absence of CarPlay is disastrous . Toyota lags behind. A retrofit is essential – and soon – if it wants customers to return.

  6. Just checked, with Navigation at version 1520 it’s now possible to delete the destination. Not intuitive but here goes:

    Whilst showing the Navigation screen:

    1) select the three dots “…” on the bottom left of map.
    2) this will show some more options, select the last one “Route”
    3) On the next screen above the map it will show “Destination” and on the right there will be a “Delete” button left of the back arrow

    route deleted…

    Very poor navigation system, not intuitive, kinda like the old Motorola mobile phones that had a different menu on every phone and all the frequently used options are hidden, Nokia had the same menu on all phones and cleaned up, till Android came on the scene and they knew better.

  7. Hi Toyota
    Just taken delivery of a RAV4 Design. How come there’s only one USB which connects a phone or media device to the audio control? There’s no USB ports in the central compartment yet two at the back for the passengers. This means that I’m restricted to either phone connection or ipod only and this is nonsensical. Could you please give me some sensible solutions as this flaw (of it is that) should convince the public to seek other, more practical cars.

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