2019 Toyota RAV4: UK grade structure and pricing

The all-new fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 becomes exclusively a self-charging full hybrid model. Built on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, it offers a 2.5-litre powertrain that delivers a strong combination of power, performance and high fuel and emissions efficiency.

Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models will be available, the latter being an intelligent system with much greater on- and off-road capabilities than the current RAV4 Hybrid. As an electric-powered system, it is lighter and more compact than mechanical all-wheel drive, yet can achieve the same level of torque output.

Learn more: 2019 Toyota RAV4 powertrains and performance

First customer deliveries commenced in April 2019, with deliveries of AWD-i models beginning in May 2019.

2019 Toyota RAV4: grades and equipment features

Icon17-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, dusk-sensing headlights, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, push-button start, roof rails, parabola LED headlights, rear privacy glass, electronic parking brake, power-adjustable heated door mirrors with auto-folding function, Toyota Touch 2 with eight-inch multimedia touchscreen, seven-inch TFT driver’s multi-information display, DAB, Toyota Safety Sense 2, E-Call, rear-view camera
DesignAdditional features: 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, smart entry, power back door, front parking sensors, satellite navigation
ExcelAdditional features: Projector LED headlights, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, power door mirrors with auto-folding function and puddle lights, heated front seats, driver’s seat with power adjustment and lumbar support and memory function, full leather seat upholstery, heated steering wheel, headlight cleaners, windscreen wiper de-icer

Options: JBL nine-speaker premium sound system, packaged with a Panoramic View Monitor and an opening panoramic roof

DynamicAdditional features: Black 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front sports seats, bi-tone metallic paint, black interior headlining

Options: JBL nine-speaker premium sound system, packaged with a Panoramic View Monitor and an opening panoramic roof

The new RAV4 is available in nine body colours. Selected Dynamic grade models can be specified with a bi-tone finish consisting of a black roof and pillars. The leather seat upholstery in Excel grade models can be specified in one of three colour ways.

All models are equipped with the enhanced functions of our second-generation Toyota Safety Sense system.

2019 Toyota RAV4: powertrains and prices

Icon2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£29,635
Design2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£31,190
Design2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£33,430
Excel2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£33,610
Excel2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£35,850
Dynamic2.5 Hybrid CVTFront-wheel drive£34,400
Dynamic2.5 Hybrid CVTAll-wheel drive£36,640



    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch. As the lead time suggests, we are currently experiencing extremely high demand for our vehicles, particularly the RAV4. Of course, we regret the length of time customers have been quoted, but we are doing all we can to get cars built and delivered. Thanks.

      1. I have also been informed that the Rav4 Dynamic I have ordered will not be with me until possibly April 2020. I would have looked at other options or brands if I had known this at the time of order. I feel let down by Toyota and find it misleading they don’t tell you this until your order has been processed. Very disappointed but maybe by the time I get the car it will come with Carplay and Android update for free?????

      2. Hi Paul,

        Thanks for getting in touch. As mentioned, we are experiencing extremely high demand for our vehicles at this time and are very sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. We of course regret the length of time customers have been quoted, however we are doing everything we can to get the cars delivered. If you’d like to contact our customer relations regarding this issue, you can find their contact details via this link: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/


      3. Hi Paul,

        Keep your eyes peeled to the websites next week. Finally decided sell my Sky Silver RAV4 with 1300 on the clock. Not waiting for Toyota to fix/make a statement on CarPlay. This is not rocket science this is a software upgrade at least and at most allow me access to the Entertainment units from the US. Even third parties are selling these now with navigation as well. First time in 30 years that I will not have a Toyota. This CarPlay issue is being handled so badly.

      4. I ordered mine 1st July was told 5 months delivery. Then in August was told June 2020 I complained pointed out that unregistered car where bring offered for delivery in Oct and not at 37 dealers across the country so Toyota have stocks in there system anyway after 5 days if emails I was told my car would be delivered on 26 Nov 2019 to the dealer. Toyota UK have to get a grip of there stock admittedly I am having the excel awd with grey leather. Just push them it’s not good there no excuse for one of the largest car manufactures. It’s lije the Apple car play and android auto that’s down to Toyota UK not wanting to pay for the licence the software is easily applied to the current system both Apple and android have confirmed this.
        It a shame Toyota UK do not listen to customers. And on top off this the rav4 failed the elk test. However after watching the video off the test I disagree with the fail label it was hard to control but the collision mitigation system should prevent having to do the manuver in the first place.
        It’s a shame when large corporation fail to listen

      5. Hi Keith,

        Thanks for your comment. We’d like to address your points.

        Lead times for new RAV4 are long due to unprecedented demand. We have a finite number of build slots, which inevitably means that when demand outstrips supply, there are longer wait times.

        The decision on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is not in Toyota UK’s hands. We can’t say anymore than that, but we have been lobbying hard on behalf of our customers to get this feature implemented. Hopefully we’ll have news on this soon.

        Regarding the Elk test – At Toyota, the safety of our customers is our number one priority, and to ensure their security, we apply strict safety tests during the development of all our products. Our internal tests fully meet the global standards for obstacle avoidance, and since 2016, we have updated our processes to also reflect the procedures used by Teknikens Värld. During its development stage, RAV4 successfully passed all internal tests, including the Teknikens Värld elk test. We give our assurance to all Toyota customers that they can be confident in the safety of their vehicles. Please note, that to do this test, the relevant Toyota Safety Sense feature is switched off.

        In short, we do listen. In fact, all comments from the press, on blogs, forums, social media and customer relations are all fed into a report which is shared throughout the business and used to inform our future strategy and product features. Being a large company though, this doesn’t happen overnight!

        We hope our comments help to shed some light on things.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read them.

      1. Hi David. Whilst we are seriously looking into improving smartphone integration in our vehicles, we have no information about future availability of Apple CarPlay at this time. Thanks.

      2. Hello, Thats a bit strange as I have a letter saying from Toyota saying that they are expecting to upgrade the my vehicle in May next year. If this is not happening then maybe we should be able to get US Entertainment units and install them here?

      3. Just wondering why the 2019 USA Rav4 does have Carplay but the 2019 UK one doesn’t?

      4. Hi Marie,

        Thanks for getting in touch. Apple CarPlay is something we are currently working on to be available in the future. However, we don’t have any further information to announce. Please keep an eye on our blogs and social channels for the latest news.

      5. Pretty sure they have been telling people to keep an eye on the blogs and social media channels since January….. “The future” very vague. What will come first, Brexit or Carplay in the RAV4….. Place your bets

      6. Hi Matt

        I understand the issues with the supply and demand effecting delivery times. But your answer “ The decision on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is not in Toyota UK’s hands. We can’t say anymore than that, but we have been lobbying hard on behalf of our customers to get this feature implemented. Hopefully we’ll have news on this soon” I find hard to believe. The specs in each country seem to be different – while I understand the model is only being made in a couple of plants so someone must have chosen no CarPlay.

        Why can we not get a straight answer on if this is going to be fixed or if we can get units from US and fit them? Each time I drive this vehicle and have the screen sitting there I get more and more frustrated….

        When do we think we wil have an answer/ solution?

      7. Hi Dave,

        Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available on the RAV4 in any market in Europe, so you can see that this isn’t a UK specific issue. As we said, we’ve been lobbying hard for this feature, and we’ll have more information soon.


  1. Yes the RAV 4 has just come on our company car list but been told the lead time is next April, I think ill pass on that.

  2. Is there a misprint in the Rav 4 brochure – both printed and online? The brochure states that the mpg figures are based on the WLTP procedure but the figures on the brochure do not make any sense.

    Have a look at Page 11 where the AWD consumption shows 48.1 to 60.4 mpg. I am sure that this should be 48.1 to 50.4? I appreciate you can’t change what is in the printed document but the downloadable version should be corrected if that is the case.

    I have entered by actual mpg into the “Real mpg” section of HonestJohn’s website but note that this is still showing the pre-launch NEDC figures and not the more realistic WLTP. Over the first 1600 miles in my AWD Excel my car has achieved 51.3 mpg which is amazing for such a car. Well done Toyota engineers.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for contacting us and for pointing this out. We are glad to hear that you are pleased with your new RAV4 and wish you many more happy miles behind the wheel.


  3. Any timeline on CarPlay yet? I see it’s being offered on your van range but not in your new cars. It makes no sense.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Aygo is currently the only model in our range that comes with Apple CarPlay. We are looking at smartphone integration across our range and can confirm it is under development, however unfortunately at this time we have no further information to reveal.


      1. Hi Keith,

        Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies for any confusion, we can’t comment on other markets and at this time Toyota GB’s only model available with Apple CarPlay is Aygo.


    1. Hi Konrad,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are currently looking at smartphone integration across our range, including both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, however unfortunately we have no further information to reveal at this time. We would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels for updates.


      1. We are losing time with RAV4 , when the new version it was released in New York ,it was the best one available with all great options but a delay in phone integration and digital rear view camera in UK has significantly affected its ranking and most new models coming in are pushing it back on specs. It is a shame for RAV4 fans like me.

      2. Hi there,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We can confirm we are currently working on smartphone integration across our range, but unfortunately have no new information to reveal. We would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels for future updates.


      3. I do not understand the need for a digital camera on the rear or whst differences itvwould make to tge current review camera. Which are very clear and give a good picture. This seems more to do with bragging rights then a real issue. The car is exceptionally well kitted out for the price point. You would be hard pushed to get this levelmofvtech in another brand at this price. Looking at vw group group even tgere less brand where well over 44k to get a similar spec. As I do not use Apple it not an issue

      4. Hi Keith
        I would always prefer a digital rear view camera to my existing standard rear mirror in the RAV4 I am using presently. This is a new feature already in Rav4 in the US and is a very thoughtful safety feature introduced. Presently my tall kids sitting behind obstruct the rear view rear view mirror. Digital camera gives a safe clear rear view no matter who sits in the rear seats. I am a Toyota user for decades and I love its safety features.

        This is a paragraph taken from torque news website which states the benefit of this camera
        (The digital rearview mirror allows people the opportunity to see a complete, unobstructed view of what is happening behind them while they drive. Normally when looking out our traditional rearview mirror, we have to look around and through the headrests of the second row, along with rear seat passengers (especially the taller ones).
        At a ball game, this would be what we call “obstructed view seats.”)

      5. I understand it’s to be added retrospectively in Australia. If this is the case, why not the U.K. Its a software update only.

      6. Hi Andy,

        Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on other markets and as mentioned, we have no new information to reveal regarding smartphone integration across our range. As soon as there are updates, they will be shared across the blog and social channels.


    2. It’s amazing that Toyota is prepared to lose sales because of this (which is what they will do). I don’t know anyone who doesn’t either have an Apple or Android phone. Wake up Toyota!

      1. But Toyota gave promised to do an upgrade when it’s ready at least that what the dealer said my current car does not have it. Nor do I see a need for it. Not sure what I am missing, if I am really missing anything my car has GPS dab. Blue tooth, my phone connects via via blue tooth which mean I can play internet based radio when abroad it read my text messages
        I can make make and take calls hands free wgat else do you need when driving.
        You should not be online doing social media whilst driving you should be concentrating inn the road. This might explain the decline in driving standards my Toyota are a leader no having more distractions in the car.
        It nice to have time away from android and Apple you do not need to be connected all the time. I turn my phone of for hours at a time there us nothing that important that cannot wait.

      2. For me it’s more about having google maps on my in car screen (means not being distracted by having to use my phone screen) as all in-care systems are terrible, especially Toyota’s

      3. You may be right Keith, but the navigation, Music and Podcasts etc is easier therefore less eyes off the road. Music can be triggered by voice, Less eyes off the road. Finally the navigation in CaPlay can run Google, Waze, Apple Maps etc so your are always up to date and the traffic is updated… the system will not let you do online dating when plugged in to CarPlay – try it before you knock it.

  4. Not having Android Auto is the reason I will not consider this as my next company car, it’s a real shame as I really like the car

  5. I ordered my Rav4 Excel awd in dark blue with grey leather first week in June the dealer has given me a delivery date of the 23rd November 2019, that fits my time scale fine.
    Very happy with at I gave been told that certain fwd models have longer lead times

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear you’re looking forward to receiving your new RAV4, dark blue and grey leather is definitely a great choice. We wish you many happy miles in the future and can’t wait for you to get it out on the road!


  6. UPDATE. Some may have read that after ordering my New Rav4 on 01/07/19. I gotta message about a week ago with a June 2020 delivery . We in Saturday I received an email from Matthew at Oakmere motors Toyota, to say that aftervwirkingvwith Toyota my car will be delivered around 25th November 2019 give a week or so.
    This has now made me feel happier and it brought back that exciting feeling you know your getting a new car.
    So finger crossed I will get my car before Christmas which means a trip to the Christmas markets in france is back on.

    Thank you to my dealer and Toyota who have been working tone it my order out since I raised my concerns.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting back in touch. We’re happy to hear this has been resolved for you and hope you’ll have a great trip this Christmas.

      Do get back in touch if you have any further questions.


      1. Hi,

        I am looking to order a Rav 4 Dynamic and have been quoted a lead time of July 2020.Is this correct, if so I’ll probably look at other vehicles and manufactures?

      2. Hi there,

        Thanks for getting in touch. Some derivatives do have a longer lead time due to their popularity. A two-wheel drive Dynamic currently has an estimated lead time of June 2020, while four-wheel drive Dynamic has a shorter ETA of around December 2019/January 2020. We would recommend recontacting your Toyota Centre to discuss these options further.


  7. Question – How do I calibrate RAV4 SatNav as required to improve positional accuracy?

    According to the owners manual it is necessary to set the current position calibration correctly, how?

    In section 3-6, “When driving without setting the current position calibration correctly.”

    1. Hi Steve,

      We have a dedicated multimedia team ready to assist you with your vehicle. They can advise on calibrations, sat nav freezing and the other issue regarding the cursor moving off the screen. You can reach them on 0344 701 6202. We hope it gets sorted ASAP.



  8. Why are the UK specifaction vehicles not having CarPlay as standard along with the induction phone charger, we are missing out again in the UK yet again on other countries standard spec.

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