New Toyota Aygo price and specification

The new Toyota Aygo is a small car that offers customers a huge choice when it comes to making their car distinctively their own. Never before has a Toyota offered so many opportunities for personalisation, with a wealth of features inside and out that can be specified in different colours and finishes.

From the new X-shape front end element that defines Aygo’s hip new look, to the alloy wheels, instrument panel and seats, owners can give their car its very own style.

In spite of the huge number of possible permutations, with up to 10 interchangeable elements, you won’t face a long wait for your bespoke new Aygo to arrive, nor will you face huge extra cost. The customisation packs have been keenly priced and are fitted by Toyota in the UK, to customer order, at a new hub set up at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Burnaston factory in Derbyshire.

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Customisation is just one aspect of the fresh, vibrant approach Toyota has taken with its new city car, with higher equipment specifications that include plenty of ‘big car’ features, such as the new x-touch multimedia system with MirrorLink function for smart connection of mobile phones. New Aygo is also the first in its class to offer a rear-view camera and it can be specified with Smart Entry and push button start.

New Aygo is designed above all to be fun – to own and to drive – while maintaining its established high value price tag and running costs. New Aygo is in dealers now, with on-the-road prices from £8,695.

Toyota Aygo price

New Aygo is on sale now, with a range comprising 14 versions, detailed below with on-the-road prices.

x 3dr £8,695
x 5dr £9,095
x-play 3dr £9,895
x-play 5dr £10,295
x-play 5dr x-shift £10,995
x-pression 3dr £11,095
x-pression 5dr £11,495
x-pression 5dr x-shift £12,195
x-pression with x-wave 5dr £12,390
x-pression with x-wave 5dr x-shift £13,090
x-pure 3dr £11,295.00
x-pure 5dr £11,695.00
x-pure 5dr x-shift £12,395.00
x-cite 3dr £11,295
x-cite 5dr £11,695
x-cite 5dr x-shift £12,395
x-clusiv 3dr £11,395
x-clusiv 5dr £11,795
x-clusiv 5dr x-shift £12,495

Toyota Aygo specifications and equipment

New Aygo is available in three and five-door bodystyles and three grades, x, x-play and x-pression, plus two special editions, x-cite and x-clusiv, offering customers exceptional choice.

The colours ramp up new Aygo’s fun factor, with five options: White Flash, Silver Splash, Electro Grey, Deep Blue Buzz and Red Pop. In addition, the x-cite will be offered only in Cyan Splash and the x-clusiv in Bold Black.

Equipment highlights

Aygo x
14-inch wheels
Projector headlights with LED tracer light
LED daytime running lights
2-speaker audio with Aux and USB connections
Power front windows
Wireless door locks
Isofix child seat anchors
ABS and Vehicle Stability Control
Hill-start Assist Control
Driver, front passenger and curtain airbags
Seat belt warning system
Tyre pressure monitor

Aygo x-play adds
15-inch wheels
Piano black front X finish
Body colour matched doorhandles and mirrors
Leather steering wheel and gear shift trim
4-speaker audio
Audio and phone control switches on steering wheel
Air conditioning with clean air filter
Driver’s seat height adjustment
50:50 split-folding rear seats

Aygo x-pression adds
15-inch silver alloy wheels
Piano black rear bumper insert
Piano black x-tension on A-pillars
Front fog lights
Part-leather sports-style seats
Chrome internal door handle finish
Body colour-matched instrument panel
Glossy black centre console and gear shift and air vent surrounds
x-touch multimedia system with MirrorLink
Rear-view camera

The two special edition models feature a number of specific styling and equipment elements: –

Aygo x-cite
Cyan Splash exterior paint finish
15-inch gloss black alloys with blue centre cap
Gloss black mirrors
Piano black rear bumper insert
Piano black A-pillar x-tension
Front fog lights
Chrome internal doorhandle finish
Gloss black instrument panel and centre console with Cyan Splash air vent surrounds
x-touch multimedia system with MirrorLink
Rear-view camera

Aygo x-clusiv
Bold Black exterior paint finish
15-inch machined finish alloys with large black centre cap and chrome surround
Super chrome front X and A-pillar x-tension
Super chrome rear bumper insert
Front fog lights
Chrome internal doorhandle finish
Piano black instrument panel and centre console
x-touch multimedia system with MirrorLink
Rear-view camera
Dusk-sensing headlights

Equipment options
Customers can take advantage of a range of options that focus on more sophisticated equipment and luxury touches.

The x-cite and x-clusiv models can be upgraded with the x-tra premium pack, which adds leather seat upholstery and Smart Entry and Start. For x-play and x-pression grades, the INstyle option provides leather seats with accents in a range of four different colours.

The x-pression can be specified in x-tra convenience, which adds automatic air conditioning, dusk-sensing headlights and Smart Entry and push-button start.

The OUTshine pack adds extra chrome touches to the exterior of the x-pression model, and all versions bar the entry level x can be fitted with the OUTshield pack, which adds front and rear parking sensors, a boot liner, aluminium scuff plates, rubber floor mats and mud flaps.

Taking affordable multimedia systems to the next level, Toyota x-touch gives new Aygo customers a user-friendly combination of the latest on-board multimedia technology and smartphone connectivity.

x-touch uses a seven-inch full colour touchscreen that is fully integrated in the instrument panel. It is the first system in the segment to provide a rear-view camera as standard.

The main menu has a simple five-icon arrangement, allowing at-a-glance identification of all functions.

The Audio Source menu groups AM/FM/DAB radio, Bluetooth music streaming and audio via Aux and USB connection, with the facility to display album cover art.

A new MirrorLink function can be activated through the Connect menu. Once a compatible smartphone is connected, MirrorLink will replicate the phone’s screen and compatible applications on the x-touch display. Smartphone functions can ben be accessed using the touchscreen.

An optional x-nav pack (£395), unique to new Aygo, can be linked to the multimedia system, using a dedicated storage pocket in the glovebox. This is activated using the Connect menu and gives driver access to fast and accurate pan-European route guidance.

Toyota Aygo customisation packs

Customisation packs are key to Aygo’s character and individuality. The OUTstand pack (£395) lets owners transform the exterior with three elements – the front X, A-pillar x-tension and rear bumper insert, in a choice of three colours.

Yet more can be added with the OUTburst pack (£245), which comprises a front bumper decal, side sills and rear diffuser decal, available in red or chrome.

The cabin can be transformed with the INspire pack (£165) with surrounds for the air vents and gear shift to match any exterior colour; other interior components have a piano black finish.

The mood heightens further with INtense (£165), which introduces body colour-matched instrument panel, centre console and gear surround.

Owners can also have the double-bubble roof of their Aygo covered in a contrasting coloured decal (£195), and can ramp up the street style with option five-spoke alloys (£499) in silver, glossy black, machined glossy black and white. A twin-spoke alloy (£499) can also be specified in the same finishes, plus a customised centre cap in any of six body colours.

For more information on the Toyota Aygo range, visit the designated section of the Toyota website. If you’d like to get behind the wheel and try an Aygo for yourself, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you to arrange a time and place at your convenience.


  1. I’ve just bought the xclusive and love it. The only problem I have is the mirrorlink. The mirrorlink site says my Samsung galaxy note 4 is compatible and my phone has mirrorlink on it in the settings. It will connect but no apps appear on screen its just black! I am connecting it with USB can you help please.

    1. Hi Rosemarie
      Thanks for your post.
      Glad you are enjoying your new Aygo.
      We have checked this with our tech team. They have recommended double checking your phone compatibility with our list and you can check this here.
      They also asked to confirm whether you have downloaded the Drivelink App to your phone? Finally if all the above is ok then they suggest trying a different USB lead if you have access to one.
      Hope this helps for now.

  2. Thank you for such a quick reply. My phone isn’t listed on the link you gave me and I don’t understand why when it says it’s compatible on the mirror link site and my phone is set up for it. Drive link is also not available to download. I’m not happy about this as the car is sold with mirror link being a feature. Will this be up dated by toyota do you know?

  3. Hi Rosemarie, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is compatible with MirrorLink 1.1. However, the Aygo X-Touch system has MirrorLink version 1.0, which means it’s not compatible with your Aygo X-Touch system. The list of compatible phones for Aygo can be found here: Sorry to hear you’re unable to download the Drive Link app. We recommend trying this link: There are no plans to update MirrorLink at the moment; we will pass your feedback to the product and technical department. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us, we hope this helps to clarify your questions.

    1. This is an absolute travesty I too bought the Aygo with the lure of mirrorlink being a selling point only to find its about as much use as tits on a bull. This needs to be escalated quickly to the highest level otherwise they’ll be more more disappointed customers

  4. Hi Rachel
    Thanks for your post and sorry to read your comments.
    We have made sure that the Aygo is Mirrorlink ready but use really depends on the type of phone you have and downloading the the relevant third party software/app. Additional leads may also be required to support. Your Toyota dealer can always help advise regarding compatibility or if you need further assistance regarding use. However as not all phones support Mirrorlink we would always recommend that this is checked this with your phone provider. Let us know if you have a specific problem with your setup or use.

  5. Hello David, So, I have a new Samsung S5 running Lollypop, and a new Aygo X-cite. DriveLink is not available for the S5, but the phone is in compatible list for bluetooth. I can connect the usb cable (data usb cable) and the phone sync symbol lights up and If you press it all it gives you is to choices 1. change the screen size from normal or stretched 2. change the brightness..nothing else, So whats the next move ?

    1. Hello Melanie
      Thanks for your post.
      Have run your predicament via out tech team who have recommended that you do not use the USB but instead connect your phone via Bluetooth as it is Bluetooth compatible. Try this and let us know how you get on.

  6. Hello David, thanks for your response but I think you might of misunderstood what i ment, my S5 can connect to the system via bluetooth fine, (music,hands free calls, txt messages and so on) but what it cant do is the Mirrorlink via the usb data cable, it looks like it connects but the screen on the car it just blank with the option of changing the screen size or changing the brightness thats all, my phone shows a picture of a phone connected to a car and says “your device and car are connected via MirrorLink” but the car symbol is inside a swirling circle and you cant do anything with the phone unless you take out the usb cable.. so something isn’t working correctly either the software on the car is out of date or this MirrorLink system just doesn’t work.. I have seen a lot of post’s regarding this and I havent come across anyone’s mirrorlink that actually works ! Also while im here, Spotify album art doesn’t come up on the screen either. Mel.

    1. I have actually had success with an old galaxy S3 phone using the third party app drivelink. However, I would like stress this is an old phone my HTC one m8 just gives a blank screen on connection. I am not particularly keen on hauling about two phones just to have a mirrorlink connection or going back to my old phone in essence it’s not fit for purpose if you have a mobile phone bought in last 2 years

  7. Hello Melanie
    Thanks for your post and we have run this past our technical team.
    They have suggested trying an alternative USB lead if you have one but this is not so easy to diagnose online. The easiest solution may be to contact your local Toyota dealer to demonstrate this to them so they can check this further for you. A couple of other points to note are downloading the app to your phone to use Mirrorlink and some features may only work with the vehicle in park with the handbrake on.
    Let us know how you get on.

  8. Hello David, thanks for the reply, mirrorlink is now part of the android 5 update (lolly pop ) I have tried this with 2 good usb data cables and it still just gives a blank screen. I have tried it with the handbrake on and the only difference is.. Handbrake on = blank screen and the option to change the brightness, Handbrake off = blank screen and no option to change the settings ie the brightness. While I am here as well..the album art on spotify doesn’t show up .. Is this because you have to have the album art saved on your phone ? As I use spotify and it works fine via the Bluetooth but no album art which is displayed on the phone.
    Ps the MirrorLink app is only available for the Samsung S3 and the Galaxy note 4 and there are 2 versions V1 and V1.1 so I don’t know if this makes any difference with the software on the Aygo.

    Many thanks


  9. Hello Melanie
    Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you are still experiencing problems. We know that there are restrictions on what some systems will allow Mirrorlink to do, particularly when driving for safety reasons. We have run this query past our technical team, at this stage we have not tried the later versions but we will look into this further. Out of interest have you been in to see your local Toyota dealer about this? It might be worthwhile running through this query with them when they are on hand to examine your car. With regard to your query on Spotify our tech team advised that the artwork being shown is likely to depend on the app on the phone and it might be worth double checking this.

  10. I have the Aygo X-Cite on order. I am looking to prep myself for music for it. My Ipod went belly up and have done a while without music on my current 2009 Aygo Black.
    An Ipod is expensive even 2nd hand, so an a USB memory stick be used and playlists be created on the Aygos touch screen? This is a much cheaper option, given that I never use my music on the go except in the car. Any help much appreciated

    1. Hi Callum
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with the product team who have advised that you can listen to music from a USB but you will not be able to create a playlist unfortunately, that can only be done on a smart phone or music device (mp3 player, ipod etc). Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

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